Shutter Release: Pentax 67 travels Iceland, how printing makes you a better photographer & more


posted Wednesday, September 27, 2017 at 6:00 AM EST


Today is a busy day for Shutter Release. We've got five pieces of content to share with you, starting with some news for Mac users with Wacom tablets. We follow that with news from Kipon about five tilt shift adapters for the Fujifilm GFX 50S camera. Next is an article filled with tips for compositing. After that, we head to Iceland with a Pentax 67 camera. Finally, we finish with a video about printing your images and how it can make you a better photographer.

Shutter Release is a regular feature here at Imaging Resource wherein we share and summarize photography content we find around the web. If it's interesting and/or educational, there's a good chance we'll share it with you here.

Wacom tablet support coming to macOS High Sierra in late October - Fstoppers

If you own a Mac and use a Wacom tablet, you might want to hold off on upgrading to macOS 10.13, otherwise known as High Sierra. High Sierra was released earlier this week and while it brings many performance improvements, as is the case with all new operating systems, there's also a risk of compatibility issues. Wacom has announced a driver update will be released in late October for High Sierra as their current drivers are not compatible.

Kipon's five tilt-shift adapters for the Fujifilm GFX are coming soon - Fuji Rumors

SHIFT Mamiya 645 to GFX, Pentax 67 to GFX, Pentax 645 to GFX, Hasselblad V to GFX and Contax 645 to GFX adapters will be available soon from Amazon. The adapters, designed for shift and stitch photography, have a precision-made mechanical design and offer 15° movement in two directions and 360° rotation. The suggested retail price for each adapter will be around US$350.


Removing distractions using plate compositing - SLR Lounge

Compositing can be quite tricky, but a new article by Holly Roa has a ton of tips for how to make better composites and to make the process easier on yourself.

Pentax 67 heads to Iceland to offer a unique perspective - Fstoppers

Photographer and videographer Andrew Szeto made a very cool custom rig to record Iceland through the waist-level viewfinder of a Pentax 67 camera using a Panasonic GH5. Check out the very neat video and a how-to video below.

How printing your images can make you a better photographer - Fstoppers

Nigel Danson says that printing his photos has long given him an "enormous amount of joy." As an avid printer, I agree. There's something special about bringing your photos from the screen into the real world. There is also a lot you can learn about your photography by making prints, says Danson.