Shutter Release: Next-gen photographers, an Apple AI acquisition, ND filters & creative envy


posted Tuesday, October 3, 2017 at 6:00 AM EST


In today's Shutter Release roundup, we will look at the next generation of photographers via i-D Vice. After that, we look at an interesting acquisition by Apple which may affect their photography products. Next is a video from PiXimperfect about customizing the spot healing brush tool in Photoshop. Lok Cheung looks at fixed versus variable neutral density filters in the subsequent video. Finally, we will finish with a video about dealing with creative envy from photographer Sean Tucker.

Shutter Release is a regular feature here at Imaging Resource where we summarize and share photo-related content from around the web. The content could be an article, a small bit of news, a tutorial video or nearly anything else we've seen that we believe you'll find interesting. Our colleagues create a lot of excellent content and we like to share some of it with our readers.

The next generation of photographers - SLR Lounge

It can be hard for young photographers to break into the industry and get a foothold. i-D hopes to change that as they follow a trio of photographers across the United States. The three photographers work across fashion, documentary and portrait photography. The featured photographers are Ronan McKenzie, Olivia Rose and Campbell Addie.

Apple acquires a computer vision tech firm, in-phone image critique potentially on the horizon - DIY Photography

You may recall an artificial intelligence named Keegan, who last year was actively critiquing the photos users were uploading to a dedicated website. The firm behind Keegan was Regaind. Apple has acquired the firm, which has recently been working on assessing images based on aesthetics, sharpness, exposures and color palettes while also tagging images with information such as "subject well framed" and "pleasant blur." It'll be interesting to see how the acquisition influences future Apple photography products and software. You can learn more about Regaind's technology here.

Customize the spot healing brush tool in Photoshop - PiXimperfect

Making your workflow faster is excellent. Doing so while also improving your editing work is even better. A new video from PiXimperfect shows you how to customize your spot healing brush tool in Photoshop to improve accuracy and speed during your editing.

Fixed versus variable neutral density filters - ISO 1200

Lok Cheung, formerly of DigitalRev, has a new video about variable versus fixed neutral density filters.

Dealing with creative jealousy - Sean Tucker

With social media, we are exposed to the incredible work of many photographers from around the world. For some, seeing all the amazing images, perhaps of places you've shot yourself can be inspirational. For others, it can be discouraging. Photographer Sean Tucker offers advice in his latest video for dealing with jealousy and why comparing your work against others might not always be the best idea.