Wine Country Camera Filter Holder hands-on: Ted Forbes calls it a game changer for landscapes


posted Tuesday, November 14, 2017 at 3:00 PM EDT


While Photoshop has replaced filters for some photographers, landscape photographers still by and large utilize physical filters for a variety of reasons. Polarizers in particular are nearly impossible to replace with software, but also graduated neutral density and solid neutral density filters have a well-deserved place in any landscape photography kit.

Using filters can sometimes be a cumbersome experience, however, as many filter holder systems are not that enjoyable to use. Wine Country Camera released a new filter holder system and it appears to be a very elegant solution. Photographer Ted Forbes with The Art of Photography has a new video describing his time with the Wine Country Camera filter system. While you should watch the video below for his full thoughts, I will tell you that his impressions are very positive.

To learn more about the Wine Country Camera Filter System, click here. You can purchase the filter holder kit an adapter ring, drop-in polarizer and filter vaults for $450 here. You can see more products from Wine Country Camera here.

(Via The Art of Photography)