posted Monday, January 8, 2018 at 9:30 AM EST


Photographer Sean Tucker breaks down his entire portrait processing workflow in Photoshop, including retouching skin, dodge and burn, color toning, sharpening, contrast and more.

The tutorial video below does assume a somewhat advanced level of knowledge with Photoshop as Tucker does move rather quickly through some basic aspects of using the software and editing photos.

Regarding retouching, it can be difficult to determine what to keep and what to remove from your image. Every photographer has their own personal approach, but Tucker opts to keep things looking quite natural and removing distracting or temporary elements. For example, eyebrow hairs that are crossing each other can be touched up, but you don't want to remove all of a person's wrinkles. It's often the case that imperfection adds character and depth to an image, so it's best to retouch with a light hand. To see how Tucker approaches his entire editing workflow, enjoy the video below.

(Via Sean Tucker)