Tips and tricks for taking control of your Lightroom catalog


posted Monday, January 8, 2018 at 6:00 AM EST


As you capture more and more photos, your photo library can become very bloated. If you use Adobe Lightroom, as many of us do, there are a lot of great tools within the software to help keep your photos organized. Photographer Nigel Danson has been featured here on Imaging Resource multiple times for his landscape photography videos, but his latest video goes through his workflow in Lightroom.

He sets his library up in terms of years and then subsections with quarters. Within each quarter, he organizes his images by location and photoshoots. For example, suppose he shot in Scotland for three days in February of 2017, he will have a folder for all those images within Q1 of 2017. His folders are organized the same way on his external hard drive so Lightroom is simply using that same structural hierarchy.

There are many other tips and tricks for organizing your photo library in Lightroom, which you can learn more about in Danson's video below.

(Via Nigel Danson)