Rainy day in Death Valley creates stunning conditions for large-format film photographer Ben Horne


posted Monday, February 19, 2018 at 4:30 PM EDT


Death Valley is known for its very dry, hot conditions. However, rain is not unheard of there and when storms roll through, the conditions are often stunning. Photographer Ben Horne, who we have featured on numerous occasions for his excellent behind the scenes videos and distinct use of large-format film equipment, visited Death Valley and on his second day there, a storm rolled through.

The conditions, while beautiful, proved very challenging as well. It can be hard to work in rain no matter what, but it can be made particularly hard when working with such large, hard-to-protect gear. Further, in Death Valley, a little rain goes a long way. Rain can create stunning vistas. Dark, brooding clouds and nice reflections are aplenty in the video below.

(Via Ben Horne