Editing landscapes in Lightroom: How to create drama and depth in your photos


posted Monday, February 19, 2018 at 2:30 PM EDT


Australian photographer Andrew Marr visited Scotland last year and captured many beautiful images. Viewers of his video about the trip asked him about his editing process so he has created a new tutorial video showing his editing process in Lightroom. Marr's photography often features a lot of dynamism and drama, so he wants to share his tips and tricks for creating dramatic images via post-processing.

The video highlights a very important point and one which emphasizes practice. Marr remarks that he knew when he was out in the field shooting what he would want to do when editing his images later. Having the skills is one thing, knowing how you will use them is another matter entirely and is hugely important when selecting your composition and settings in the field. By nailing your shot as much as possible in camera, you ensure that you have the best file quality to work with later.

While Lightroom is often used in conjunction with its sliders, which are intuitive and simple, it's easy to forget how powerful Lightroom is with selective editing. The software offers filters, radial brushes and more to allow photographers the power to dial in adjustments on specific parts of an image. To see how Marr uses local adjustments and more, watch his video below.

(Via Andrew Marr