Sigma launches its own web magazine, SEIN Online, highlighting the art of photography


posted Tuesday, February 20, 2018 at 1:00 PM EDT


In 2014, Sigma launched a print magazine, SEIN, which was distributed quarterly for free in Japan. The magazine is named for the German word, "sein," which essentially translates to something like "to exist" or "to be." For readers familiar with German philosophers such as Hegel or Heidegger, you may recall that a similar word, "dasein," is prevalent in their work and often left untranslated due to its unique meaning. Sigma chose the word "sein" because of the company's belief that photography allows individuals to not only share their unique point of view, but also broaden their horizons and experience the world in new ways. The company has announced today that they are launching a web version of their magazine, "SEIN Online." 

SEIN Online will be available in English and Japanese and is designed in-house to share Sigma's passion for visual arts, photography and culture. The magazine will also explore Sigma's manufacturing process and discuss the challenges associated with creating high-quality optics. The magazine will feature interviews, essays, special features and much more but will all be tied together by a simple mission, sharing the importance of the art of photography.


The web magazine will be regularly updated with new content and the magazine is joined by a newly-launched Instagram account as well, which can be followed here. To start reading SEIN Online, click here.