Seascape photography from start to finish: Join Thomas Heaton on location and in Lightroom


posted Wednesday, April 11, 2018 at 12:30 PM EST


In an ongoing video series titled One Photograph | Location to Lightroom, Thomas Heaton takes us behind the scenes as he captures and processes a single photograph. He also shares insight into why he composed the scene the way he did, what the photo means to him and how he uses his Lightroom processing skills to bring his creative vision to life.

In the latest episode, seen below, Heaton is shooting a lovely seaside scene not far from his home. It's a local beach and he's very familiar with the area, yet, he had never seen it looking the way it did on this particular morning. A recent storm changed the topography of the beach and added new areas of interest for photographers.

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(Via Thomas Heaton)