Beginner tips for shooting sharper photographs using stability, camera settings and more


posted Sunday, July 8, 2018 at 8:00 AM EDT


Getting sharp images is one of many concurrent goals most photographers have every time they press the shutter. Photographer and educator Serge Ramelli wants to help beginners shoot sharper photos. It's frustrating when you take an otherwise nice shot only to find that it's blurry and soft. What can you do to capture tack-sharp photos every time?

Ramelli's first tip is to use a tripod. I know it can be cumbersome to carry a tripod around, but there are many excellent and compact tripods out there. If you're really struggling with carrying a tripod around, you can also try something like a Platypod. It's small and you can put it down almost anywhere. Once you have your camera stabilized, you want to ensure that you don't introduce any movement when shooting, so utilize a remote (wired or wireless, such as from your phone and a smartphone app) or your camera's self-timer mode. Another important tip is to turn off image stabilization when you're using a tripod. It's great when shooting handheld, but when your camera is already stable, additional stabilization can actually introduce shake as the camera and/or lens works to correct shake that isn't present. To see the rest of Ramelli's tips for shooting sharp images, check out his video below.

(Via Serge Ramelli