posted Monday, July 9, 2018 at 12:00 PM EST


Over the weekend, we saw Anthony Morganti's video about sharpening and noise reduction in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. If you missed it, you can view it here. The video, along with the one featured below, is part of his ongoing series Mastering Lightroom Classic CC. His latest video is focused on lens corrections in Lightroom Classic.

Lens corrections are an important part of working with RAW files because unlike JPEG files, many of them don't come with lens corrections data built into the file. In many cases, Adobe has the profiles for lens and camera combinations, which can be automatically applied to correct for things like distortion, aberrations and vignette. In some cases, the profiles don't perform the corrections you want or profiles aren't available and you will need to create your own profile or apply your own corrections. It can be daunting, but Morganti does a great job breaking it down below.

(Via Anthony Morganti