Skylum adds AI Sky Enhancement to Luminar, plus reveals upcoming release of Luminar with Libraries


posted Thursday, November 1, 2018 at 9:45 AM EST


Skylum Software has kicked November off with a free update to their award-winning Luminar photo editing software. The free update features the new AI Sky Enhancer Filter, which has been developed in the company’s AI Lab. The new filter is designed to add depth, definition and detail to the skies in your image nearly instantly, using only a slider.

The tool works by automatically detecting and enhancing the sky in your shot without the need for layers or masks, saving you time and effort during your post-processing workflow. To build the AI Sky Enhancer, the team trained a deep neural network using hundreds of thousands of photos with different-looking skies. The end result is a slider designed to work with practically any sky with any types of clouds, color and light.

Of the AI Sky Enhancer and what it means for future iterations of Luminar, CTO and Skylum co-founder Dima Sytnik says, “And while this update is great by itself, it’s just the beginning. Luminar now includes an innovative core neural processing engine that enables all Luminar users to harness the power of AI. This will give the Skylum team the possibility to introduce more smart and automated tools more frequently. Expect more innovative AI-powered features in Luminar in the near future.”

Further, Skylum also announced that on December 18, Luminar 3 with Libraries will be released. This free update for Luminar 2018 owners will add digital asset management to Luminar, complete with full organization and browsing features. If you have yet to purchase Luminar, if you do so now for $59 USD, you will also receive a three-month Pro membership to ViewBug, two-month membership to KelbyOne, a choice of a free ebook and $20 toward the purchase of any Manfrotto/Gitzo product valued at $120 or more. You can learn more about Luminar and the ongoing promotion by clicking here.