Behind the scenes with Adam Gibbs: A perfect counter to a creative slump is picking up your camera


posted Tuesday, November 20, 2018 at 11:00 AM EDT


Landscape and nature photographer Adam Gibbs may have decades of professional experience and a vast body of work, but even he still goes through creative ruts and slumps every now and then. His recipe for combating a slump? Pushing through and getting out into the field. While it can sometimes feel impossible to get your gear together and head out, especially when you haven't been feeling creative or invigorated lately, it's often the case that clearing that initial hurdle will really clear your photographic sinuses, so to speak, and let you breathe freely again as an artist.

For Gibbs, the weather looked dreary as he started his on Vancouver Island but he got packed and went out. His reward turned out to be some incredible light. There's no better pick-me-up for a photographer than great light and you aren't going to get awesome light unless you're out in nature. Ultimately, Gibbs found his way to a lovely waterfall and was treated to not only nice light, but some really atmospheric fog. In the video below, we join him behind the scenes and pick up some great compositional tips. Once back in his office, he also shares techniques he used in Adobe Photoshop to bring his artistic vision to life. The next time you are feeling unmotivated as a photographer, pick up your camera and head out. You'll never know what you might see until you try.

(Via Adam Gibbs