Two Minute Tips: Using a grid on your speedlite to control the direction of light


posted Tuesday, November 20, 2018 at 2:00 PM EDT


If you are using speedlights but finding that your light is going all over the place, photographer David Bergman has a solution in the latest episode of Adorama's Two Minute Tips.

The trick is using speedlite grids. These light modifiers allow you to focus the beam of light from your speedlites and control how the light is dispersed around the scene, which is critical for keeping unwanted light off your background or certain parts of your subject. A grid has honeycomb-shaped tunnels through which light passes. This allows the light to continue to move forward from your flash but restricts how much light can spill toward the sides. A grid does not change the quality of light, but only the direction. To see a grid in action, watch Bergman's video below.

(Via Adorama