Urban wildlife photography: How to capture great wildlife images in the city


posted Monday, January 28, 2019 at 12:59 PM EDT


For a lot of photographers interested in trying their hand at wildlife photography, wildlife can be difficult to find and photograph. For aspiring wildlife shooters living in an urban environment, for example, it is not always straightforward. Photographing wildlife in a city is a challenge, but far from impossible, as photographer Sam Rowley exhibits in a new video for NatureTTL

Parks, for example, are a great place to explore when looking for wild animals. While they may be more familiar to your audience than something found well off the beaten path, urban animals can not only be an interesting subject, but they afford you ample opportunity to hone your craft. In fact, some very neat wild animals enjoy calling a city their home, such as certain falcons.

When photographing wildlife in a busy environment, getting the right angle is key. With some clever footwork and smart composition, you can likely find a way to photograph your subject without any evidence of mankind in the background. For more tips and tricks for photographing wildlife in the city, watch the video below.

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(Via NatureTTL