OnSet with Daniel Norton: How to set up and use classic three point lighting


posted Wednesday, May 8, 2019 at 6:30 PM EDT


Three point lighting is a common lighting technique for both stills photographers and videographers. In the video below, Daniel Norton breaks down three point lighting using examples and showing two classic forms of the lighting technique. The video is part of Adorama's OnSet video series. You can view all 210 episodes of the series by clicking here.

Norton's setup includes a background light with a grid on it. This light will be hidden behind the subject's shoulders. The second light in the scenario is the separation (hair light). When setting up a separation light, which will help separate your subject from the background, you want to put it such that it feathers off onto the subject and isn't pointed directly at the subject. Finally, the third light is your key light, which will be used to light the subject. Norton sets his up, which is being shot through a softbox, at roughly a 45-degree angle and pointing slightly down toward the subject. To see the setup in action and view ways you can adjust it for different results, watch Norton's video below.

(Via Adorama