Olympus unveils new TG-6 waterproof camera, successor to the wildly popular TG-5


posted Wednesday, May 22, 2019 at 1:00 AM EST

Click here to read our Olympus TG-6 Hands-on Preview


The Olympus TG-5 from 2017 set a high bar for waterproof cameras, adding raw burst capture, 4K video, a dedicated mode dial and other upgrades while judiciously shrinking the resolution down to a more reasonable 12 megapixels, given the sensor size. Not content to just rest on those lofty laurels, our friends at Olympus are back today with the new Tough TG-6 camera.

Sporting a similar exterior and keeping all the same features we loved from the TG-5, the new TG-6 packs some new functionality into the insides, while also adding a few new intriguing companion accessories to the overall TG eco-system. We were able to get our hands on a sample just prior to launch, and now have available our signature lab First Shots, an initial batch of real world gallery images, and of course all the details on what's new in our comprehensive Olympus TG-6 hands-on preview. We also have a full video walkthrough for you on the preview page as well, so make sure and take a look!

Olympus TG-6 shown with the optional FCON-02 Circular Fisheye converter lens

Here are a few initial gallery images to get you started, and you can click through below to see more than 30 real-world shots -- including raw files -- for download and inspection.

1/60s / f/4.9 / ISO 500

1/100s / f/6.3 / ISO 200

1/320s / f/2.8 / ISO 100

Click here to read our complete Olympus TG-6 Hands-on Preview!

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