DJI announces Ronin-SC: Lightweight single-handed three-axis gimbal stabilizer for mirrorless cameras


posted Wednesday, July 17, 2019 at 9:00 AM EDT


DJI has announced the new Ronin-SC single-handed stabilizer for mirrorless cameras. The compact, lightweight Ronin-SC features an updated design, which incorporates DJI's latest intelligent features. Of the Ronin-SC, DJI Senior Product Manager, Paul Pan, says, "The Ronin-SC took the powerful technology from the Ronin-S and put it in a lighter and smaller form factor. Now users can pair their mirrorless system with a stabilizer that is easier to transport, easier to set up [and] easier to use yet still equipped with high-performance features and technology."

41 percent lighter than the Ronin-S, the new Ronin-SC weighs a mere 2.4 pounds. To further allow for portability, the SC can be taken apart to easily fit inside of backpacks and cases. The stabilizer is constructed using magnesium, steel, aluminum and composite plastic and its motors are capable of supporting up to 4.4 pounds of camera equipment. The SC's dedicated battery offers users up to 11 hours of operation, so it should work even for long days of shooting.

Image credit: DJI

After receiving feedback from Ronin-S users, DJI has added numerous design features to the SC, including 3 axis locks on the pan, tilt and roll axes, which makes it easier to balance the camera. The SC also incorporates a new position lock system. Like the Ronin-S before it, the Ronin-SC allows users to control the gimbal movement with a joystick and offers easy access to different modes and gimbal settings through the use of the Mode (M) button and front trigger button.

The Ronin-SC includes a variety of modes and through a redesigned Ronin app, users can set up to three different custom profiles and adjust settings for their own needs. Modes include the popular 360-degree roll movement and sport mode, which makes the gimbal more responsive. New features include the new Force Mobile, which is similar to Force Pro, and synchronizes the movement of your connected mobile device with the Ronin-SC gimbal, which DJI states offers an "immersive filming experience." Users can operate the SC remotely from up to 82 feet away using Bluetooth 5.0.

Image credit: DJI

Another new feature, ActiveTrack 3.0, allows users to utilize their mobile device to select a subject for the Ronin-SC to follow. This feature is similar to technology found in some DJI drones and the Osmo series. With the included mount, users can put their mobile device on top of their camera's hotshoe, open the Ronin app and select the subject for the SC to follow using its improved algorithms. Additional features include a virtual joystick, timelapse and motionlapse functionality, customizable motion control and a panorama mode.

DJI Ronin-SC and mobile device using ActiveTrack 3.0. Image credit: DJI

The DJI Ronin-SC has been created to work with popular mirrorless camera systems on the market. For a full list of compatible cameras, click here. The Ronin-SC is also compatible with numerous DJI accessories, including a new external focus motor, command unit, DJI Force Pro, DJI Master Wheels and some third-party accessories. The Ronin-SC is available starting today from DJI and from retail partners. The Ronin-SC will come in two kits: The Standard for $439 USD and the Pro Combo for $539. The Pro Combo includes the focus wheel, external focus motor and Remote Start Stop (RSS) splitter.

Image credit: DJI