Fujifilm Japan announces that GFX 100S demand is outpacing supply ahead of early March launch


posted Tuesday, February 2, 2021 at 3:15 PM EDT


Fujifilm announced the GFX 100S medium-format camera last week, and it appears that the initial demand has been robust. PetaPixel reports that Fujifilm has issued a notice of delay on its Japanese website.

Roughly translated, the notice states that there will be a delay in delivering the GFX 100S to some customers due to excess demand relative to constrained supply. Fujifilm says further that demand has exceeded internal expectations. The company stated that it 'may take some time' to deliver GFX 100S cameras to customers who have already placed orders.


It's interesting to note that this isn't the first time there have been issues with GFX camera supply. The original GFX 50S exceeded Fujifilm's expectations and were difficult to track down for some time following its launch. The same was also true with 2019's GFX 100 to an even greater extent. The camera was not readily available for many months.


It's not surprising that the GFX 100S has proven popular with customers. The GFX 100S costs $6,000, whereas the GFX 100 is available for $10,000. Despite this large price gap, there are considerable similarities between the two cameras. The GFX 100S includes the same large 102-megapixel backside-illuminated CMOS image sensor as the GFX 100, promising excellent image quality. Fujifilm's new medium format camera also includes the same excellent autofocus system, 400-megapixel Pixel Shift Multi-Shot mode, 4K/30p video recording capabilities includes in-body image stabilization. To allow for the compact design of the GFX 100S, Fujifilm had to develop a new, smaller IBIS system, which is even more effective than the one found in the GFX 100.


As of now, Adorama and B&H still list the GFX 100S as shipping starting on March 11. Customers can preorder from both retailers, although Adorama specifically states that it will fulfill orders on a first-come, first-serve basis. It's unclear when the cameras will arrive for customers ordering today or even closer to the camera's release. Stay tuned to Imaging Resource for more on the GFX 100S, including an in-depth Field Test as soon as possible. We had a brief hands-on with a pre-production unit, which you can read about here.

(Via PetaPixel and Digicame-Info