Video: How foregrounds can make or break a landscape photograph


posted Tuesday, January 18, 2022 at 2:00 PM EDT


A good way to add depth and dynamism to a landscape photo is by incorporating a foreground element. However, not every landscape photograph benefits from including a foreground. How can you know when to include a foreground, and how best to incorporate a foreground in a photo? Photographer Mads Peter Iversen has released a new video answering this very question.

Ultimately, the foreground, or lack thereof, is a part of the overall composition. Whether you should include a foreground depends upon the scene. In some cases, a foreground or foreground element adds to a composition. Other times, it becomes a distracting element that throws off the balance of a photograph. There's also a difference between the foreground being an entire layer near the bottom of your composition versus using a single or small group of objects as foreground elements.

In the video below, Iversen photographs five different locations. At each location, the situation with the foreground is quite different. In some cases, Iversen captures images with a foreground or dynamic foreground elements. In other cases, there's no foreground included at all. Ultimately, the scene, your lens selection, and the final image you envision in your mind will determine not just whether you include a foreground in your photograph, it will also determine the entire composition.

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(Via Mads Peter Iversen