Video: When should you convert your images to black and white?


posted Sunday, June 5, 2022 at 7:00 AM EDT


When should you edit your photos in black and white instead of color? In the latest "Master your Craft" video for Adorama, Pye Jirsa of SLR Lounge shares "five simple tips" to help you decide. Choosing to edit your photos in black and white can be creative or practical. There are numerous times when an image may work well in black and white, although it's by no means a rule that you "must" convert certain photos to black and white.

The first situation is when you want to give your image a timeless quality. I've spoken about this topic a few times, most recently in my Phase One XT IQ4 150MP Achromatic camera review, because a black and white photo undeniably has a classic feel.

Another reason to opt for black and white conversions is more practical. If your photo has bad or minimal color, black and white can be a good choice. You may also want to use black and white to emphasize the quality or texture of light in a scene. Black and white can also help you accentuate shapes and texture in a scene. Watch the video below to see more ways to utilize black and white processing.

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(Via Adorama