Ricoh announces GR III Diary Edition in a special warm-gray finish


posted Monday, January 9, 2023 at 5:00 PM EST


Ricoh Imaging Americas Corporation has announced the Ricoh GR III Diary Edition special limited kit. The GR III Diary Edition is a special edition version of the existing Ricoh GR III premium compact camera. The Diary Edition differs from the original, standard version of the camera with an exclusive warm-gray finish, a special matching leather finger strap, a metallic hot shoe cover and a camera case.

While the GR III Diary Edition's imaging specs and features are identical to the standard GR III, the new camera debuts a new image-control mode that offers the look of negative film. The mode is based on the visual effects possible only with negative film, including what Ricoh describes as an "exquisite balance between rich colors and the uniquely discolored prints resulting from using negative film." The new image-control mode will be added to the standard GR III and GR IIIx models via firmware following the Diary Edition's launch. Precise release information for the firmware update is not yet available.

Ricoh GR III Diary Edition with special strap and case

Before delving deeper into the GR III Diary Edition's unique appearance, let's quickly recap the GR III's primary features. The camera sports a 24-megapixel APS-C image sensor paired with a fixed 28mm-equivalent prime lens with a bright F2.8 max aperture. The GR III also includes an in-body three-axis Shake Reduction (SR) system to help keep your photos sharp, even when shooting handheld. The camera doesn't include a built-in viewfinder; you instead use the camera's rear 3-inch touchscreen display to frame and compose your photos.

The GR III Diary Edition includes all these same features but packs them inside a metallic warm-gray camera body rather than the black finish of the original GR III. The grip, typically black, instead features a dark-brown finish, complementing the warm-gray body. The ring cap and metallic hot shoe cover are "natural silver." The special edition camera ships with a leather finger strap, an accessory exclusive to the limited edition kit. The camera also comes with a case made of unbleached sailcloth. The case includes a leather belt that matches the finger strap.

Ricoh GR III Diary Edition

In addition to the new image-control mode, the GR III Diary Edition also includes another tweak that will make its way to other GR III and GR IIIx models via firmware update. The GR III Diary Edition shows the number of images captured each day, the total number of recorded images, and the current firmware version just before the power is shut off. Further, in a feature that doesn't appear to be coming to other models, when the camera is off, the camera displays an original shut-down screen that features the original, emboss-type product logo "against a background harmonizing a fabric-like texture and a color symbolizing the camera body finish."

The Ricoh GR III Diary Edition will be available in a limited quantity of just 2,000 units worldwide. It will begin shipping later this month for a suggested retail price of $1,149.95. The Diary Edition will also be available body only this spring, although pricing for the body only has yet to be shared.