Nikon P900 review: We post our conclusion and wrap up this 2000mm superzoom monster!


posted Monday, August 17, 2015 at 4:05 PM EDT


When the Nikon P600 was unveiled in early 2014, it sported the farthest-reaching available zoom length at that time for a fixed lens camera at 1440mm (in 35mm terms). It also ended up taking top honors in our Best Superzoom of 2014 competition. So when Nikon announced the P900 in early 2015, promising a whopping 2000mm-equivalent optical zoom reach at the tele end and listing for a mere $100 more than the P600, we knew a good portion of our enthusiast readers would be eager to find out if this model would live up to its promise.

We've now dotted the i's and crossed the t's on our full Nikon P900 review, including our conclusion verdict and final ranking, so dive in and get your fill of all 2000mm's worth!

1/160s / f/7.1 / +0.3 EV / ISO 400 / 1800mm eq.

And for anyone who's yet to read our reviewer Jeremy Gray's Nikon P900 Shooter's Report, make sure and take a look, as there's plenty of real world experiential information and opinion regarding the P900's handling and quality while out and about capturing all manner of wildlife and landscape photos in the wilds of coastal Maine.

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