Sony A7S captures stunning high ISO video of a dark, beautiful underwater cave in Mexico


posted Monday, June 6, 2016 at 2:45 PM EDT


Cave diving is dangerous, but it offers up the chance to see wonderful sights and natural formations unlike anything else on the planet.

Christoffer Brenna, Jonas Pedersen and Sebastien Keller recently made their way to the El Toh cave in Yucatan, Mexico. The resulting video seen below is stunning.

I don't have the courage or skillset to explore underwater caves, but fortunately the people that do have access to cameras like the high-ISO beast that is the Sony A7S, which was used to make the video below. The A7S was encased in Nauticam underwater housing.

If you like caves even when they aren't underwater, you should also check out a couple of cool videos from China-based photographer Ryan Deboodt.

(Seen via Fstoppers