Shutter Release: Video interviews, demystifying medium format and how to easily understand f-stops


posted Tuesday, June 6, 2017 at 9:00 AM EST


There is a lot of interesting content out there and it’s impossible to see it all. We want to help filter the articles and videos we see around the web and deliver a curated list of interesting news, tutorials and videos for you right here on Imaging Resource. Shutter Release is our ongoing series giving a quick rundown of striking content.

Today’s Shutter Release points you to a video interview with the president of Hasselblad USA, a video which aims to clarify medium format, the latest video in Adobe’s Make It series and an easy way to memorize the f-stop scale.

Hasselblad XCD lens roadmap and video interview – Photo Rumors

Amid numerous delays and issues with backorders, Hasselblad’s XCD lens lineup for their new X1D camera is taking shape. You can see the list of confirmed XCD lenses here. Also interesting is Luminous Landscape’s new interview with president and CEO of Hasselblad USA, Michael Hejtmanek. You can read more about the X1D and see the interview here. It’s a great read and an insightful interview, especially for those interested in medium format photography…as is the next topic today.

Demystifying digital medium format photography – ISO 1200

Breed, a fashion photography YouTube channel, recently visited the Los Angeles office of Digital Transitions for a rundown of medium format photography with gear guru Ken Scott. Digital Transitions is one of the leading retails of Phase One cameras.

Adobe Make It interviews photographer Benjamin von Wong – Fstoppers

Benjamin von Wong is an awesome photographer. We’ve covered his work on numerous occasions (see here and here). As part of Adobe’s new video series, “Make It,” Adobe’s Josh Haftel interviewed von Wong about the evolution of his photography, conceptual photography in general and his latest project. It’s a great interview, plus Benjamin von Wong shows off some of his gear.

Easily memorizing the f-stop scale – ISO 1200

Do you struggle to remember the f-stop scale and how your lens’s aperture affects how much light it lets in? If so, Griffin Hammond has a quick, easy way for you to memorize the f-stop scale and quickly calculate the light gathering ability of your lens at different apertures. Combined with knowledge of shutter speeds and apertures, you will have a complete grasp of the exposure triangle.