Pixelmator Pro coming this fall to Mac, includes machine learning and non-destructive editing features


posted Tuesday, September 5, 2017 at 2:30 PM EDT


"The world's most innovative image editing app" is how Pixelmator describes its new Pixelmator Pro software. That's a very big claim, but based on what the software company has shown, Pixelmator Pro may just live up to it when it launches this fall at an undisclosed but "affordable" price.

What makes Pixelmator Pro special? Further, what sets it apart from the already existing (and $30) Pixelmator software? Pixelmator Pro has a reimagined workflow, simplified editing tools, machine learning, intelligent image editing features and much more. You can see an overview in the video below.

Like Pixelmator, Pixelmator Pro is only for macOS. The user interface is described by the developers as "totally and completely Mac." In this case, that means that Pixelmator Pro is designed to be simple and straightforward to use. That doesn't mean it lacks power and versatility, however, as the software is powered by Metal 2 graphics technology, making painting processes faster.

For photographers in particular, the software includes a wide array of nondestructive color adjustments. There's also a "RAW Layers" feature which lets you edit multiple RAW images as layers in a single document and "Recipes," which lets you save, reuse and share your preferred adjustments.

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Pixelmator Pro

(Via The Verge)