Weather Tested: We put the Nikon Z7 through a solid drenching and then a deep-dive inspection!


posted Sunday, May 5, 2019 at 7:51 AM EDT

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As some of you will likely recall, in 2017 we started a journey into providing weather testing for readers as part of our comprehensive camera testing for major cameras. At that time, the Nikon D850 was one of the first cameras we initially tested, and it came through with flying colors.

Now we're ready to unveil our new Weather Testing pages in our full reviews, and it only seemed fitting to begin with the Nikon Z7. Coming off the flurry of Full Frame Mirrorless announcements from 2018, the Z7 won Professional Camera of the Year in our 2018 awards, and would therefore be assumed to certainly be a very well-sealed offering.

But making assumptions isn't our business....  and thorough testing is! In a day and age when most sites either gloss over the fine details or miss them entirely, we keep digging on your behalf, the camera-buying public, and that's exactly what we're doing with weather testing. After all, Mother Nature has her own agenda, and we want you to be well-armed when she decides to unleash some fury on you out in the field!

Nikon Z7 inspection: Post-weather-testing

So... how did the Nikon Z7 fare in our first full rigorous weather test? Click here to read all the details!

Nikon Z7 Weather Testing