Using a wide-angle lens presents unique challenges, here are 5 steps to shoot powerful wide-angle images


posted Sunday, June 2, 2019 at 7:00 AM EDT


While we have shared videos showcasing the creative possibilities afforded to landscape photographers by telephoto lenses, it remains the case that the most popular landscape lenses, wide-angle lenses, have a lot to offer as well. Wide-angle photography comes with its own unique benefits and difficulties. The ability to capture an expansive scene is great, but it makes creating cohesive compositions more challenging. In the video below, photographer Mads Peter Iversen shares five tips for shooting powerful images using a 16-35mm wide-angle zoom, although the tips apply to any wide-angle zoom lenses, like a 12-24mm, 14-24mm or 15-30mm.

When you increase your field of view, you are faced with distinct compositional challenges. Your camera captures a very wide scene which includes a lot of space, and to make a strong image, you must ensure that every area of the image is doing work for you. The wider the field of view, the more space you need to consider. Iversen advises that you don't include elements in your frame which don't benefit the photo. When working with a wide-angle lens, this might mean getting much closer to your subject or seeking out a more interesting foreground. You must be very aware of your surroundings when working with a wide-angle lens and find creative ways to incorporate numerous elements in a single composition.

As with any lens, when shooting with a wide-angle lens, you must find an interesting focal point. It is the case more often with a wide lens than a long lens that the focal point of your image will fill less of the frame. As discussed above, this means that you often must find ways to incorporate additional elements into your frame which complement the focal point. To see different ways you can create powerful wide-angle images (and see many beautiful photographs), watch Iversen's full video below.

(Via Mads Peter Iversen