ON1 NoNoise AI 2021 available now: Promises ‘the best noise reduction’ available


posted Wednesday, July 7, 2021 at 1:00 PM EST


ON1's new NoNoise AI 2021 software is available now. The software promises high-quality AI-powered noise reduction.

ON1 writes that its NoNoise AI 2021 is 'the best noise reduction software for photography.' Underpinning NoNoise AI is machine learning, which has been used to build an AI network that removes luminance and color noise while maintaining details and sharpness. AI is also used to power the demosaicing process that converts a RAW image into a standard photo. By combining the demosaicing step with noise reduction during the AI training process, ON1 NoNoise AI promises better noise reduction and higher sharpness.

To further improve sharpness, ON1 has an exclusive 'Progressive Sharpening' algorithm to improve image sharpness and detail. The algorithm enhances sharpness and detail based on the size of the details in the image. As a result, promises improved sharpness without the halos and artifacts seen when using some other sharpening techniques.

ON1 writes:

'ON1 NoNoise AI tackles noise in raw photos at its core. Much of the noise in digital images comes from the results of the demosaicing process, which converts the raw data into an ordinary digital photo. At low ISO noise levels, most raw processors do an excellent job during the demosaicing process. However, at high ISO noise levels, the errors increase, and therefore the noise increases as well. The advanced AI neural networks behind ON1 NoNoise AI work at the deep raw level. They are trained to detect and reduce the noise before the raw data is converted to a photo, preventing the noise from propagating further up in the image processing pipeline. It can better tell the difference between image noise and small details to help maintain sharper details and reduce false color.'

An image shot at ISO 16,000. No noise reduction (left) versus ON1 NoNoise AI (right). Credit: ON1

Beyond promising impressive noise reduction and sharpening features, ON1 NoNoise AI includes many vital workflow features. The software offers a fast and easy-to-use user interface with simple controls. ON1 says that the software allows you to achieve the best results with minimal effort and time. If you don't want to adjust settings, an AI-based 'Auto' mode is available.

The software also includes masking tools. You can combine multiple versions of a single image as layers and use built-in masking tools to blend and combine renditions with different levels of noise reduction and sharpening on different areas of the picture. For example, if you wanted to sharpen only your subject and perform noise reduction on just the out-of-focus area of an image, you can do so in ON1 NoNoise AI.


You can open RAW files from more than 800 cameras from various manufacturers, including Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Sony and many more. When saving your edited files, you can save them as DNG RAW files, promising complete tonal and color range control in many photo editors. You can also batch process in NoNoise AI. You can apply intelligent noise reduction to an entire folder of images or work through each photo in a folder one by one, applying manual settings. Selected settings can be copied and pasted to additional files, as well.

ON1 NoNoise AI works as a standalone application or as a plugin. You can use it as a plugin for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom Classic, Capture One, Affinity Photo, Corel Paint Shop Pro and Apple Photos.

Should you use ON1 NoNoise AI before or after performing your other image edits? Dan Harlacher, VP of Product at ON1, says, 'Because NoNoise AI works best at the raw image level, we recommend that you process your images in NoNoise before you apply basic raw processing steps like exposure, color balance, etc. Ideally, you want to work with the raw data as much as possible. Processing non-raw files, even high-resolution, 16-bit formats like PSD files or TIFFs, won't benefit as much from the noise-reduction capabilities in ON1 NoNoise AI as you will see with raw files.'


ON1 NoNoise AI is available today for $69.99 USD. NoNoise AI is also available as part of the ON1 Professional Plugin Bundle, which includes all five of ON1's pro plugins, for $149.99. A 14-day free trial is also available so that you can test the software for yourself before purchase. To learn more and view your purchasing options, visit ON1.