Video: Advanced workflow tips for editing your landscape photos with DxO PhotoLab 5


posted Thursday, February 24, 2022 at 3:30 PM EDT


Last October, DxO announced PhotoLab 5, the latest version of its flagship photo editing application. DxO PhotoLab 5 incorporates numerous improvements, including better performance, especially with the company's DeepPRIME noise reduction and demosaicing engine, and major changes to the software's excellent U Point technology. U Point allows photographers to make highly precise local adjustments to their images and PhotoLab 5 features new ways to work with U Point, including new luminance and chrominance sensitivity settings.

In a new presentation for DxO, PhotoJoseph delivers over 50 minutes of amazing workflow tips for editing landscape images in DxO PhotoLab 5.1. PhotoJoseph covers a wide range of topics, including using DeepPRIME to process high-ISO RAW images, using U Point technology to control the color and detail in skies, fixing atmospheric issues with DxO ClearView Plus and using DxO SmartLighting to balance the dynamic range of your landscape photographs.

If you have never given DxO PhotoLab 5 a try, now is as good a time as any. You can download a fully featured free trial of the software by clicking here. If you decide to give it a try, many more tutorials are available on the DxO YouTube channel.

For more information on DxO PhotoLab 5, be sure to read our original coverage. For new customers, DxO PhotoLab 5 starts at $139 for the Essential Edition. The Elite Edition is $219 for new users. If you're already a customer, upgrade discounts are available. Visit DxO for additional information.