ZY Optics announces Mitakon Creator 28mm F5.6 lens, an affordable alternative to the classic Leica Summaron M 28mm


posted Tuesday, March 28, 2023 at 2:00 PM EDT


Zyong Yi Optics (ZY Optics), a prominent Chinese lens manufacturer, has announced a recreation of the iconic Leica Summaron M 28mm F5.6 lens for Leica M, Fujifilm X and GF, L, Canon RF, Nikon Z, and Sony E mount.

The Zhong Yi Creator 28mm F5.6 lens promises "faithful adherence" to Leica's original lens while keeping the price point affordable. Priced at $299, the ZY Mitakon Creator 28mm F5.6 is certainly affordable.

The manual focus lens includes eight elements across seven groups. The lens has a minimum focus distance of 0.35m (1.38 ft.), resulting in a maximum reproduction ratio of 0.11x.


Weighing just 130g (0.29 lb), the Mitakon Creator 28mm F5.6 is a lightweight lens. It's also compact, with dimensions (L x D) of 44mm (1.73 in.) x 51mm (2.01 in.). The lens has a 37mm filter thread. The lens is constructed using "durable metal" and comes in black and silver colorways.

Zhong Yi has incorporated a small knob onto the focus ring, making it easier for users to focus the lens. The focus assisting knob should help ensure more precision and accuracy. The focus ring is described as "smooth," although without going hands-on with the lens, it's impossible to say how it feels.


The lens includes rangefinder coupling support, enabling precise focus on Leica rangefinder cameras. Rangefinder coupling works by using a small mirror or prism to split the light entering the lens into two separate paths, which are then recombined within the viewfinder. When the two images are aligned, the lens is focused.

The ZY Optics Mitakon Creator 28mm F5.6 lens is available now for $299 via ZY Optics' website and through authorized retailers.