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Dave Etchells is the founder, Publisher, and Editor in Chief of Imaging Resource. A photographer since childhood, he spent many happy hours sloshing developing chemicals in his parent's basement – which perhaps explains his stunted social development at the time. Now that photo imaging no longer has to be done in smelly dark places, his beautiful wife Marti of more than 30 years gets to see him with some regularity, although he's still prone to slipping down to the basement to tinker at woodworking and odd electronic projects when she's not looking. Marti and Dave have two children Arthur and Chris, now grown into young men. Arthur formerly served as the Director of Development at IR but now works with Contructor.io in Portland, Oregon, while Chris is in med school at the Morehouse School of Medicine. Marti and Dave also share their home with Charlotte the Wonder Dog, who can still be seen performing in many of the sample videos on IR as our ISO-standard Australian Shepherd Frisbee Fetcher. (Charlotte is now quite advanced in years, so has retired from her former position. She still serves semi-gracefully as Queen of Imaging Resource, though.) Yoshi is our Wonder Dog-in-training. Between Marti, Arthur, Chris, Charlotte, Yoshi and Imaging Resource, Dave sincerely counts his blessings every day.

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