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Friday, March 30, 2001

Canon posts PowerShot A10, A20 samples!
20:01 EST - First sample pictures from Canon's entry-level digicams posted...

Our friends at the Digital Photography Review website have posted news courtesy of their reader Wim Pollet that Canon has now added samples from two cameras announced at PMA to its BeBit website. There... (More) reviews Pro90IS!
19:31 EST - German website reviews Canon's 10x optical zoom digicam...

The good folks at the website in Germany have today posted their full review of Canon's PowerShot Pro90 IS digital camera, which features the same image-stabilising 10x optical zoom as... (More)

New Books from!
3:12 EST - Our friend Denny Curtin of the (excellent) site called yesterday to let us know that he's just published several new books. He really has *quite* a list now, and they're all excellent. (Imagine the depth of information of an Imaging Resource camera review, wrapped around instructional text that tells you how to actually use all those goodies!) The "A Short Course in ____ Photography"... (More)

Hewlett Packard PhotoSmart 912 Camera Review Posted!
15:02 EST - HP's 2 megapixel SLR digicam gets its turn on the IR review bench...

Continuing our "streak" of HP cameras, we've today posted a full review of the HP 912 SLR. This is a top of the line 2 megapixel SLR, offering true through-the-lens viewing. It also offers the Digita operating... (More)

Wednesday, March 28, 2001

Agfa introduces three new scanners at CeBIT!
17:07 EST - SnapScan e26, e42, e52 look to be minor updates to existing models...

Agfa-Gevaert N.V. has introduced three new flatbed scanners at the CeBIT 2001 show in Hannover, Germany. Information on the new scanners is sparse, to say the least, but it appears that the SnapScan e26,... (More)

Agfa readying Mac OS X scanner software!
16:12 EST - Belgian imaging company announces upcoming versions of ScanWise, FotoLook...

A press release from Agfa-Gevaert N.V. announces that the comnpany is preparing new versions of its ScanWise and FotoLook scanning software which will support Apple's new Mac OS X, which began shipping... (More)

Steve's Digicams reviews Nikon Super Coolscan 4000ED!
14:52 EST - Steve Sanders takes Nikon's $1695 film scanner for a 'test drive'...

Our friends over at Steve's Digicams have posted their review of Nikon's Super Coolscan 4000ED, a $1695 film scanner first announced on January 9th of this year. Steve's verdict on the scanner? "Maybe... (More)

Monday, March 26, 2001

More RDC-i500 pics and info!
22:00 EST - New pictures and information on Ricoh's latest digicam...

We first told you about Ricoh's new RDC-i500 digital camera last Thursday, and note that the company has now officially unveiled the camera on an English language website, with numerous pictures on the... (More)

Ofoto services included in Windows XP beta!
15:54 EST - Windows XP Beta 2 users can order Ofoto prints with ease...

Readers may already be aware of Windows XP, the upcoming operating system from Microsoft (previously codenamed Whistler) which promises to add a number of features improving useability. Amongst these... (More)

Sunday, March 25, 2001

Pentax shows tiny new 3mpix digicam! (UPDATED)
16:12 EST - New digicam looks set to pack a lot of punch in a small package...

The website has reported on a new digital camera shown by Asahi Optical at the PhotoExpo 2001 show in Japan, our friends at tell us. The new reference design is being... (More)

Friday, March 23, 2001

"March Madness", DC4800 for just over $400! (Ends March 26)
23:58 EST - We generally avoid "deals" on our News page, but this seemed pretty incredible. and will be available for such a limited time that I thought it worth a mention - Won't say more here, just visit our Deals Page for details...

Save on airfare - look around CeBIT from your PC! :)
18:37 EST - Canon brings you an alternative to the hassle of long-distance travel... ;)

This one definitely goes in the 'way too cool' category... As part of its CeBIT presence, we noticed that Canon has set up three webcams on its booth that let visitors see the CeBIT show floor live, without... (More)

Canon shows PowerShot S10 with Bluetooth!
17:45 EST - LetsGoDigital finds news of a customised PowerShot S10 from Canon...

The good folks over at the website have this afternoon posted news of a very interesting development from Canon. The company has apparently shown a customised PowerShot S10 digital camera... (More)

Aiptek announces new PenCam with VGA resolution!
12:46 EST - Last year's Hyper i-cam gets higher specs and a new name...

IR reader Mark Russell-Smith in Finland emailed us this morning to point out a pen-sized digital camera weighing 70 grams, and with a pricetag of about 230 Deutsche Marks, the dnt CamStick. A quick look... (More)

LetsGoDigital reports on FinePix 6900Z!
11:25 EST - Live from the CeBIT 2001 show floor, Dutch website reports on Fuji's latest announcement...

As promised in a previous news item, our friends at the website have now posted their report on Fuji's FinePix 6900Z digital camera, along with a number of images of the camera and its... (More)

Club Photo announces Album To Go v2.0!
00:03 EST - New version of free album viewer for PDAs released...

Online photofinisher Club Photo Inc. will today announce the release of a new version of its Album To Go software. Album To Go v2.0, which allows Club Photo users to view favorite photos on a Palm personal... (More)

Thursday, March 22, 2001

Fuji announces FinePix 6900 Zoom - HUGE pics ;)
17:29 EST - Fuji Germany shows a new FinePix digicam at CeBIT 2001...

Fuji Germany has today announced the FinePix 6900Z digital camera. Featuring the same 3.3 megapixel SuperCCD image sensor and 6.02 file size as the existing FinePix 6800Z announced at the start of last... (More)

Canon shows digicam w/ built-in printer!
16:30 EST - Bubblejet/digicam combo prototype appears at CeBIT...

We told you back on November 1st 2000 ("Canon working on digital camera/bubblejet combo!") about an unusual concept digital camera that Canon was working on, which featured a built-in bubblejet printer,... (More)

Cam4You gets a new home!
14:14 EST - Popular alternative to Canon's image downloading and remote control app moves to a new address...

Users of Canon's PowerShot cameras may have been wondering what happened to Cam4You, the shareware program created by Hans-David Alkenius of Sweden which serves as an image downloader and also allows for... (More)

MUCH more info on Kodak's DCS 760 pro SLR!
13:46 EST - Read on for lots of info and pics on what's new in the DCS 760...

As we mentioned in a news item posted earlier today, Eastman Kodak Co. today announced a camera we were first to tell you about yesterday, the Kodak DCS 760. We're happy to be able to bring you a lot... (More)

Ricoh announces RDC-i500 digicam! (UPDATED)
10:16 EST - New digital camera combines functionality from previous RDC-7 and RDC-i700 models with new features...

The Impress PC Watch website has noted the announcement by Ricoh Japan of a new digital camera due to ship April 20th on the Japanese market. The new RDC-i500 digital camera combines features from both... (More)

Kodak announces new Professional SLR digicam!
08:10 EST - As we correctly forecast almost 36 hours ago thanks to two anonymous readers, Kodak announces a new Professional SLR digital camera...

Eastman Kodak Co. will today announce the digital camera we first told you about just after midnight on March 21st... We were given a time of 08:30ET for this announcement, however since the Digital Photography... (More)

Wednesday, March 21, 2001

Olympus renames Camedia C-1 in Europe!
22:23 EST - digital [mju:] Camedia C-1 gets a new name...

Yamada Kumio's website has noted an interesting development from Olympus Europe... The previously announced Olympus Camedia C-1, due to ship at the end of May, has had its name changed... (More)

Canon PowerShot S300 - here come the reviews!
22:17 EST - First reviews of one of Canon's latest digicams appearing...

Canon's recently announced PowerShot S300 digital camera, which we first saw at the PMA 2001 show in Orlando, is now beginning to appear in reviews around the web... Steve's Digicams were first up to... (More)

FlashPoint announces Digita successor!
00:14 EST - New Digita operating system to offer a smaller footprint, more modular architecture and simpler industry-standard development tools...

FlashPoint, the company behind the Digita operating system used in some digital cameras, will today announce a new version of the system for use in future digicams. Digita X, as the new version is dubbed,... (More)

New Kodak Pro digicam on the way? (UPDATED)
00:01 EST - Rumors surface of a new 6 megapixel digicam based on Nikon's F5 body...

An anonymous source tells us that the folks at Kodak are preparing to release a new professional digital camera based on Nikon's F5 film body very soon. The upcoming DCS760 is apparently planned as a... (More)

Tuesday, March 20, 2001

SD Card Association recaps SD growth!
20:45 EST - Number of products using SD cards and companies joining SD Association rises...

A press release today from the SD Card Association on SanDisk's website summarises growth of the SD (Secure Digital) card format... According to the release, more than 50 products using SD cards have... (More)

Kodak announces PalmPix for new Palm m500 series!
20:28 EST - Newest digicam for Palm PDAs gets increased resolution, macro capabilities...

As readers may already be aware, Palm Inc. yesterday announced two new Palm PDAs, Palm m500 monochrome handheld and the Palm m505 color handheld (seen on the left and below). Amongst other new features,... (More)

Ricoh to participate in Bluetooth wireless printing demo!
18:39 EST - Japanese office automation and imaging company takes part in CeBIT 2001 Bluetooth demonstration...

Ricoh Co. Ltd. will, along with Ericsson, Axis Communications and Wireless Solutions Sweden, demonstrate wireless printing at the CeBIT 2001 show taking place in Hannover, Germany later this week. The... (More)

Hewlett Packard PhotoSmart 618 Camera Review Posted!
16:53 EST - HP's 2.1 megapixel, 3x zoom digicam gets the 'IR review treatment'...

We've just posted our full review of the HP PhotoSmart 618. This is a midrange model, with 3x optical zoom lens, 2 megapixel CCD, and a heft and solidity we found very pleasant. (Despite a plastic case,... (More)

Hewlett Packard PhotoSmart 315 Camera Review Posted!
16:51 EST - A look at HP's entry-level 2.1 megapixel digicam...

This PhotoSmart model holds the distinction of having been THE most popular camera (either film or digital) in the US during the red-hot Christmas 2000 selling season. It's *very* simple to operate, having... (More)

Digital Outback Photo tries out Jon Cone's Piezography!
16:04 EST - Uwe Steinmueller reviews Piezography black and white inks, print driver...

Our friend Uwe Steinmueller over at the Digital Outback Photo website has today posted a review of the Piezography black and white system from Jon Cone. What did Uwe have to say? "The results are very,... (More)

DCRP reviews the Olympus E-100RS!
14:53 EST - Jeff Keller looks at Olympus' blazingly fast 1.5 megapixel 10x zoom digicam...

The fine folks over at the Digital Camera Resource Page have now posted their full review of Olympus' E-100RS digital camera. Jeff summarises his thoughts on the E-100RS as follows: "It's hard to compare... (More)

DPReview looks at Hoodman, Unity Digital products!
14:42 EST - Phil Askey tries out a range of digicam accessories from Hoodman and Unity Digital...

Our friends over at the Digital Photography Review website have been busy of late, posting reviews of a Firewire CF reader, and a variety of covers for LCD display from Hoodman. The first review covers... (More)

Monday, March 19, 2001

Newsflash: World's smallest 10x optical zoom digicam!
00:02 EST - Olympus prepares for launch of its latest digicam, with 2 megapixel resolution and 10x optical zoom in a compact design...

Olympus America Inc. will today announce a new digital camera, the Camedia C-700 UltraZoom, confirming speculation from Japan yesterday of just such an announcement... The C-700 is billed by the company... (More)

Sunday, March 18, 2001

New Olympus digicam on the way?
15:10 EST - Olympus Japan posts (and then removes) info of a C-700 UltraZoom...

Our friends over at the website in Japan have posted a brief pointer on their site to a teaser page for a new digital camera from Olympus. The page on the Olympus Japan website, which... (More)

Friday, March 16, 2001

Lonestardigital posts new tutorial!
15:45 EST - John Cowley advises on how to correct the dreaded 'pancake makeup' effect - unrealistic flesh tones in an otherwise great image...

Our friends over at the website dropped us a note with news of an addition to their 'tech corner' section: "I just posted a new article with a step-by-step tutorial on my "Tech Corner"... (More)

Qimage Pro - another major update!
11:32 EST - Mike Chaney's popular image printing/viewing/editing app gets a new version and a new name to match... ;)

The Qimage Pro folks have been in touch with news that they've released another major update to the program, and this time a new name as well... The new version, Qimage Pro 2001 v1.1, has a whole boatload... (More)

Wednesday, March 14, 2001

Kyocera officially announces Finecam S3!
15:47 EST - Japanese manufacturer distributes announcement on its latest digicam...

Kyocera has this week officially announced its Finecam S3 digital camera, which was first shown at PMA. We first told you about the S3 back on February 10th, when we posted full specifications and numerous... (More)

Tuesday, March 13, 2001

Dominoes keep falling - this time at PhotoLoft!
16:40 EST - Online photofinisher shuts the door on free photo sharing...

It is beginning to look like March 2001 may be remembered as the time that the cracks really started showing on the online photosharing / photofinishing business models... For some time now, the naysayers... (More)

New Sony digicams on the way? (UPDATED)
11:43 EST - Rumors from a Dutch website suggest Sony is planning to launch two new digital cameras...

A news item on the Dutch website (which is published bilingually in English and Dutch) predicts that Sony is preparing to announce two new digital cameras that will reach the market in... (More)

Monday, March 12, 2001

Yikes - My Netscape Network down!
14:59 EST - AOL's Netscape Netcenter website isn't updating My Netscape channel content, and we haven't a clue why... ;)

As you may have noticed from the logo at the bottom of the news page, we mirror our headlines in a channel for users of AOL Netscape's 'My Netscape' service... For the most part, the service which we... (More)

Full review of HP PhotoSmart 215 Digicam posted!
13:24 EST - HP's 1.3 megapixel entry-level PhotoSmart 215 gets our in-depth review treatment - how does it fare?

For all of you who've emailed, asking "What about HP?", we've finally gotten a complete collection of the HP PhotoSmart cameras in-house for testing. The first one out of the mill is the entry-level PhotoSmart... (More)

Agfa to announce 2 megapixel ePhoto CL45!
11:06 EST - German website uncovers news of a new digicam reaching sensor resolution highs from Agfa...

The good folks at the bilingual website have done it again - they're first to uncover news of a digital camera that breaks new ground, at least as far as Belgian digicam manufacturer Agfa-Gevaert... (More)

Sunday, March 11, 2001

Computer Darkroom reviews Stylus Photo 1290!
14:50 EST - British website posts review of Epson's latest printer, which is to be sold in the USA as the Stylus Photo 1280...

The Computer Darkroom website, run by Ian Lyons in the UK, has posted a review of Epson's latest printer, alternately known as the Stylus Photo 1290 or 1280 (depending on where in the world you are...)... (More)

Steve's Digicams updates Sony DSC-S75 review!
14:41 EST - Steve Sanders updates his DSC-S75 review, adds conclusion...

Our friends over at Steve's Digicams have now received a production model DSC-S75 digital camera from Sony, and have updated their review to take account of changes in the final version, as well as adding... (More) reviews the Canon PowerShot G1!
14:34 EST - Bilingual German website reviews Canon's PowerShot G1...

Our friends at the website in Germany, which is published in both English and German, have now posted their review of Canon's 3.3 megapixel, 3x zoom PowerShot G1 digital camera. How did... (More)

Saturday, March 10, 2001

Yamada previews Olympus Camedia C-1!
12:18 EST - PC Watch tries out the Japanese incarnation of Olympus' newly-announced Camedia Brio D-100...

Yamada Kumio of the excellent Impress PC Watch website in Japan scores another coup; this time he's first to review Olympus' latest digital camera. As you may already know from our previous news item... (More)

Friday, March 9, 2001

Casio QV-3500EX Plus samples posted!
20:50 EST - Yamada Kumio posts first samples from Casio's latest digicam...

Our friends over at the Impress PC Watch website in Japan have posted the first sample images we've seen from Casio's QV-3500EX digital camera on their site. There are two pages of sample images, one... (More)'s logo. Click here to visit the website! Photobook printer shuts down operations worldwide! (UPDATED)
19:35 EST - (November 2009 update: Please note that this article refers to the original owners of the domain, an Israeli company which used it to operate a photo book publishing business from 1999 to 2001. The current owners bear no connection to the original PrintLife organization. With that important note out of the way, back to our archived news item as written in September 2001.)

Sad news reaches us of another wind-down...

OANI (Online Access Networks Inc.), who've appeared on the News page numerous times with news on Sanyo's digital imaging products, have dropped us an email this evening with some unfortunate news from... (More)

Full review posted of Sony MVC-CD200 Digicam posted!
17:57 EST - Full review of Sony's 2 megapixel CD-RW digicam...

This is the "little brother" to the CD-RW equipped CD300 we reviewed about a week and a half ago. This model is a 2 megapixel camera, virtually identical in operation to the 3 megapixel CD300. Besides... (More)

DPReview updates Sony DSC-S75 review! (UPDATED)
12:55 EST - Phil Askey amends S75 review after trying out a production camera...

The good folks at the Digital Photography Review website have updated their review of Sony's DSC-S75 digital camera, which they posted back on February 26th. The original review looked at a development... (More)

Steve's Digicams posts Olympus C-3040Z first look!
12:41 EST - Steve Sanders reviews Olympus' successor to the C-3030Z...

Our friends over at the Steve's Digicams website have this morning posted their first-look review of the Olympus C-3040 Zoom digital camera. There's no conclusions drawn as yet, but plenty of info and... (More)

Thursday, March 8, 2001 launches new design, adds new features
15:48 EST - Lexar's online photofinishing website gets a facelift and some new capabilities..., the online photofinishing presence of Lexar Media Inc., yesterday unveiled a new site design along with a number of new features. Whilst the clean new design is probably the most visible... (More)

Snapfish closes curtain on free photofinishing!
12:25 EST - Online photofinisher famous for its 'free' photofinishing announces new fee for developing, increased handling fee... Corp. has announced in an email to its users that it is instituting a new developing fee for its online film photofinishing service, as well as increasing its handling fee effective the last... (More)

DCRP reviews Microtech ZiO! SmartMedia reader!
12:00 EST - Jeff tries out Microtech's ultra-portable Zio card reader...

Our friend Jeff Keller at the Digital Camera Resource Page has posted a second review today, this time of Microtech's ZiO! card reader in its Smartmedia incarnation. The ZiO! has to be amongst the most... (More)

DCRP posts Casio QV-3EX review!
11:23 EST - Jeff Keller tries out Casio's diminutive QV-3EX...

Our friends over at the Digital Camera Resource Page have now posted their review of Casio's QV-3EX digital camera. What did they think of this 3.3 megapixel, fixed focal length camera which features... (More)

Wednesday, March 7, 2001

Update - Kodak Patents: Not So Strong?
15:41 EST - After posting our article on the Kodak digicam patent battle earlier this week, we received a couple of emails from readers, shedding more light on the situation, and offering some opinions on the possible validity (or lack thereof) of the Kodak claims.

Reader Martin Reynolds had the following comments to offer, as well as an interesting reference to a prior patent that we'd missed in our cursory scan of the Kodak documents. Here's Martin: "A quick... (More)

DPReview posts Sony MVC-CD200 review!
13:24 EST - Phil Askey tries out Sony's recently announced 2mpix, 3x zoom CD-RW digicam!

Our friends over at the Digital Photography Review website have now posted their full review of Sony's recently announced MVC-CD200, an interesting camera which features a 2.11 megapixel CCD sensor, Sony... (More)

Tuesday, March 6, 2001

Full review posted of PhotoGenetics 2.0!
21:02 EST - We look at QBeo's update to the popular PhotoGenetics program that takes the work out of correcting your images...

It's been more than a year since we first reviewed the PhotoGenetics photo-tweaking application. Even in its first release, we saw tremendous value in this ultra-easy photo adjusting tool for digicam owners.... (More)

Reviewed: Auxiliary Lenses for Nikon digicams
20:56 EST - Dave Etchells and Mike Pasini look at Nikon's Coolpix 950 and 990 digicams and an array of auxiliary lenses...

The Nikon line of digital cameras has been extraordinarily popular, thanks to great image quality and rich feature sets. Besides the flexibility afforded by the cameras themselves, Nikon has also produced... (More)

Digital Outback Photo looks at Nikon Capture!
20:08 EST - Uwe Steinmueller compares performance of Nikon Capture with its shareware rivals, Qimage Pro and Bibble...

Our friends over at the Digital Outback Photo website have posted a report looking at Nikon Capture, the software Nikon offers users of its D1 digital camera for conversion of the .NEF RAW files the camera... (More)

New version (1.3.1) of ImageBuddy released!
19:50 EST - Two new versions of Mac viewer/printer released in two days...

Jeff Thoman of KepMad Systems was in touch earlier today with news that he's released two new versions of ImageBuddy, the Macintosh image-viewing/printing application, in the last 24 hours. ImageBuddy... (More)

Ofoto creates co-branded site for NBCi!
19:40 EST - Well-known internet company launches photo service using Ofoto backend...

NBC Internet, a publicly traded Internet company 36% owned by General Electric subsidiary NBC, has announced the unveiling of its new online photo service, the NBCi Photo Center. The site, a cobranded... (More)

Digital Eye posts Oly C-3040 first-look!
19:31 EST - David Kamanski gets hands-on with Olympus' update to the C-3030Z...

Our friends over at the Digital Eye website have posted their first-look review of Olympus' C-3040Z digital camera. There's no conclusions drawn as yet, but David has posted quite a few pictures of the... (More)

Olympus' new low-cost 1.3mpix digicam - samples online! (UPDATED)
15:58 EST - Olympus' latest digicam unveiled on three continents, under three names...

Olympus has today announced a new 1.3 megapixel digital camera with SmartMedia storage, USB Mass Storage Class connectivity and a 36mm equivalent fixed focal-length lens, all housed in a simple point... (More)

Monday, March 5, 2001

The Full Scoop - Kodak's actual patents, and our own analysis!
11:55 EST - As we reported at the end of last week, Kodak's decision to enforce their rights to a number of key digital imaging patents could have a huge impact on the digicam industry. Today, we've searched-out several of the key patents involved, and provide links to them here, along with some brief comments by Dave Etchells as to their significance. (To coin a phrase, "This is Big... Really Big!" - with apologies to William Shatner...)

Given the huge potential impact on the digicam business, we thought some of our readers would be interested in seeing some of the patents Kodak is seeking to enforce against other digicam makers. We delved... (More)

Report: Imerge Analysis of Kodak Patent Suit!
11:34 EST - This press release just in from our friend Ron Tussy, at Imerge Consulting Group. (Ron's one of the leading analysts in the industry, so this updated report of his should be of great interest to other manufacturers.) (More)

Friday, March 2, 2001

Astounding Price for Full-Featured 3MP Camera! (Kodak DC4800) (UPDATED)
23:27 EST - At the recently lowered price of $599, the Kodak DC4800 was a nice 3MP camera at a good price. At $499, it's an amazing deal! (Click on the "more" below for all the links!)

This is in the almost-too-good-to-be-true department! Kodak recently dropped the list price of its DC4800 digicam to $599, making it the cheapest fully-featured three megapixel camera on the market. Not... (More) March 2001 edition now online!
12:49 EST - posts March 2001 edition; 4 new camera reviews, 2 new articles and the usual selection of stunning reader photos!

Our friends at the bilingual website have now posted their March 2001 edition... Reviews this month include the Olympus E-100RS, kodak DC3400 and DC3800, and Minolta Dimage 2330 digital cameras.... (More)

Ofoto announces $10,000 photo contest!
12:39 EST - Send in a smile, and you might just win $10,000...

Ofoto has announced a photo contest running from now through to 11:59 p.m. PST on March 28, 2001 that offers entrants a chance to win $10,000. The contest, open to Ofoto users in the United States and... (More)

DPReview posts Sony MVC-CD300 review!
11:38 EST - Phil Askey gets hands-on with Sony's new 3.34 megapixel CD-RW digicam!

Our friends over at the Digital Photography Review have now posted their in-depth look at Sony's MVC-CD300 digital camera, which was first announced on Wednesday of this week. What did Phil think? "The... (More)

Thursday, March 1, 2001

Kodak sues Sanyo, Seiko, Agfa over imaging patents! (UPDATED)
13:24 EST - Eastman Kodak begins to enforce imaging patents, takes three digicam manufacturers to US District Courts...

Eastman Kodak Co. has taken three of its digital camera competitors to court alleging patent infringement, an item in the Rochester, NY-based 'Democrat and Chronicle' newspaper reports. The company charges... (More)

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