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Samsung NX30 Review
image of the Samsung NX30 digital camera
20.3mp | 3.1x | $1,000
Despite the 'flagship' moniker, Samsung's newest high-end NX camera packs a punch with its performance, at a very affordable street price more in line with upper entry-level to lower mid-level DSLRs. The Samsung NX30 is a strong contender for those looking for a relatively compact, high-performance camera at a great value. While the NX-mount lens lineup is a little lacking at the moment, which might dissuade some more advanced users who need more specialized lenses, the NX30 and available native lenses are more than capable for capturing everything from general lifestyle, portrait and travel photos, to even a good amount of action and sports, while built-in Wi-Fi with NFC makes it easy to share these images. Read more in our Samsung NX30 review!

Sony RX100 III Review
image of the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III digital camera
20.2mp | 2.9x | $791
It was clear from its heritage that the Sony RX100 III would be an exciting camera, given that both its predecessors earned our Pocket Camera of the Year award, two years running. But that level of success also meant some mighty big shoes to fill. Sony's pocket-friendly shooter line are in a class of their own, and we shot all three models side-by-side to determine once and for all -- which is the best compact camera that money can buy? Did the RX100 III have what it took to steal the crown? Read our Sony RX100 III review, and find out!

Panasonic GH4 Review
image of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 digital camera
16.1mp | Non-Zoomx | $1,658
The Panasonic GH4 takes the impressive specs and performance of the GH3 and kicks them up a notch -- a big notch -- with faster burst shooting, quicker AF, and a host of other improvements, not to mention tons of new video features. With 4K video, higher bitrate Full HD, focus peaking, zebras, a plethora of image tweaking adjustments and clean, uncompressed HDMI output, the GH4 is at home in the hands of not only advanced and professional still photographers, but also in the hands of advanced and professional videographers. Read more in our in-depth Panasonic GH4 review!

Nikon D4S Review
image of the Nikon D4S digital camera
16.2mp | $6,077
There are no two ways about it: The Nikon D4S is one seriously impressive DSLR. That's to be expected, bearing in mind its heritage. But casting judgement on its greatness depends very much on perspective, so we looked at Nikon's new pro flagship through two different lenses: That of the enthusiast looking to step up their game, and that of the pro upgrading to the latest and greatest. Whichever camp you fall into, we've got your answer. Read our Nikon D4S review, and find out if it's time you bought yourself a new DSLR!

Canon G1 X Mark II Review
image of the Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II digital camera
13.1mp | 5.0x | $770
Canon refreshes its large-sensor compact with a revised 1.5-inch-type sensor, faster processor, and a brighter, wider and longer zoom lens. With a sleeker shape, add-on EVF and grip, and built-in Wi-Fi with NFC, the PowerShot G1 X Mark II is Canon's answer to the do-everything, go-anywhere compact camera for the advanced and enthusiast photographer. While some of the criticisms with the initial model have been addressed, there are still some issues here and there. Do the upsides outweigh the downsides? Read our Canon G1 X Mark II review to find out!

IR Photo News

Canon G7 X Sample Gallery: Get a first look at Canon's Sony RX100-series challenger
Featured Story 09/17, 04:42 EDT Canon's big press event at this year's Photokina also highlighted the release of the new PowerShot G7 X alongside the 7D Mark II. (Not seen the announcement? Read it here.) In similar fashion, shootable pre-production units of Canon's new flagship PowerShot camera were on-hand for some first-look shooting time. We've now published a first... (more)

Canon 7D Mark II Sample Gallery: The speed demon DSLR flies sky high with 10fps (UPDATED)
Featured Story 09/16, 16:16 EDT [UPDATE: RAW files are now available for download] At Canon's press launch for the Canon 7D Mark II at photokina today -- Not seen the announcement? Read it here -- I had the opportunity to shoot with Canon's new high-speed APS-C flagship camera. Presented with an action sports demonstration of trampoline acrobats, the most obvious thing... (more)

Panasonic LX100 takes its own road: RX100-series rival boasts 4/3-inch sensor, blazing performance
Featured Story 09/16, 08:03 EDT Mark today's date in your calendar: The day the large-sensor, fixed-zoom camera market caught fire. Two years after the segment debuted with the Canon G1X and Sony RX100, we suddenly have two new entrants on the scene. We've covered the brand-new Canon G7X separately, and at the very same moment, the Panasonic LX100 launches with an... (more)

You ask and we'll find out! Post your questions now for IR's Photokina manufacturer interviews
Featured Story 09/12, 17:27 EDT UPDATE, 9/17: We're just getting ourselves up and ready for Wednesday at the show, questions for Samsung and Olympus are now closed. However, we could use some good reader questions for SIGMA and FUJIFILM for our interviews with them tomorrow. We understand there'll be a fair number of engineers at the Fujifilm meeting, so now's the time to... (more)

New optics for every budget: Canon launches 24mm and 400mm primes, 24-105mm zoom lens
09/17, 20:08 EDT Fancy adding another lens to your camera bag? If so, Canon has just announced three new optics that could occupy a little of the space you yearn to fill, no matter the size and your budget. The largest and highest-priced of the trio, not surprisingly, is the Canon EF 400mm f/4 DO IS II USM. Set to ship this November for US$6,900,... (more)

Samsung launches bright, constant-aperture 50-150mm f/2.8 zoom lens
09/17, 16:03 EDT Alongside the launch of its DSLR-styled Samsung NX1 compact system camera, Korean consumer electronics giant Samsung has also revealed a new lens model. The NX 50-150mm F2.8 S ED OIS lens isn't its longest, but it's noticeably brighter than other options with this focal length range, and it's also only the second lens in Samsung's... (more)

Nearly Near-Field: Apple arrives at the NFC party four years late, then refuses to knock on the door
09/17, 14:25 EDT With its announcement last week of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Apple finally reversed a years-long stand against a communications standard that aims to make pairing, sharing and payments just as simple as can be. Four years after the now-widespread Near-Field Communications standard -- more commonly known as NFC -- first landed on bitter... (more)

Hands-on with the ultra-compact Panasonic 35-100mm f/4-5.6 telephoto zoom lens
09/17, 05:33 EDT We continue with hands-on testing of the latest gear to come out of this year's photokina trade show, and here we have a first-look at the new Panasonic 35-100mm f/4-5.6 Mega O.I.S. Lumix G X Vario compact telephoto lens. Designed especially to match the compact and lightweight handling of the GM1 and Panasonic's new GM5 Micro Four Thirds... (more)

Olympus E-M1 gets handsome new body color, new firmware features including tethered shooting
09/16, 21:54 EDT Among the many cameras we reviewed last year, Olympus' flagship OM-D E-M1 stood proud as one of our favorites, thanks to best-in-class performance and the highest JPEG image quality we'd ever seen from a Micro Four Thirds camera. Now, that camera gets even better thanks to a firmware upgrade bringing several significant new features,... (more)

Olympus 40-150mm f/2.8 M.Zuiko Pro: Bright, portable and protected from the elements
09/15, 10:18 EDT It appears that our friends in the Olympus lens design department have been very busy lately, creating a product that has us rather wowed here at IR, at least on paper. The Olympus M.Zuiko ED 40-150mm f/2.8 Pro, as it is officially called, brings some rather serious innovation to the table in terms of optical performance as well as a design that allows for a more compact form factor than... (more)

Canon 7D Mark II arrives, eats 1D X for lunch with more horsepower, amazing autofocus system
09/15, 08:06 EDT The new Canon 7D Mark II is here, and at long last, as many Canon users would likely agree. Five years after the original flagship APS-C camera was released, Canon's made some significant strides in image quality and performance for both stills and video in a variety of areas. They've taken a lot of the technology and processing performance... (more)

Canon G7X lays claim to Sony RX100-series turf with longer lens, faster autofocus and touch-screen
09/15, 08:04 EDT Back in the spring of 2012, Canon's PowerShot G1 X large-sensor, fixed-zoom camera got us incredibly excited. Six months later, Sony stole its thunder with the RX100, which shrank the formula to pocket-size, yet still offered clear advantages over existing enthusiast compacts -- not to mention the ever-present smartphone. Now, Canon... (more)

Panasonic GM5: The tiny GM series grows an EVF, hot shoe and a host of new features
09/15, 08:02 EDT Panasonic won over most of us at IRHQ when they introduced their GM1. The camera took fantastic photos and was easily pocketable (albeit in a jacket pocket). Finally, a truly micro Micro Four Thirds camera! And so the GM1 never left the hands of our founder and Editor-in-Chief, Dave Etchells. Panasonic visited IRHQ again almost a year... (more)

Super-zoom gets super-long: 65x zoom Canon SX60 HS takes you to a stupendous 1,365mm telephoto
09/15, 08:01 EDT The Canon SX50 HS, released in late 2012, boasted an already impressive 50x zoom range and received not only a coveted Dave's Pick from us, but an even rarer 5.0 overall rating. The Canon SX60 HS, debuting almost a full two years later, leapfrogs a few 60x offerings from some other manufacturers this year, including the Nikon P600, and... (more)

Pro camera market has a new player: Samsung NX1 mirrorless shoots 15 fps with AF, and 4K video too
09/15, 06:00 EDT Samsung fires a shot across the bow of more entrenched manufacturers with the introduction of the Samsung NX1, the company's first truly pro-level NX body. Manufactured of thixotropic magnesium alloy, the NX1's body is tough, weather-sealed, and offers plenty of the controls and features pros expect, such as an LCD status display on the... (more)

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