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Sony A7S Review
image of the Sony Alpha ILCE-A7S digital camera
12.2mp | Non-Zoomx | $2,521
The Sony A7S defies convention with a unique 12-megapixel full-frame sensor with large pixels for outstanding high ISO performance as well as direct pixel readout for 4K video recording. With very wide dynamic range and high ISO sensitivity up to 409,600, plus a slew of professional-level video features such as SLog2 gamma, uncompressed 8-bit 4K and HD output via HDMI, zebras, focus peaking and XAVC S, the Sony A7S is arguably one the most versatile hybrid still and video cameras currently on the market for advanced enthusiasts and professional photographers and cinematographers. Read more in our Sony A7S review!

Pentax 645Z Review
image of the Pentax 645Z digital camera
51.4mp | $8,398
Medium-format cameras offer truly spectacular resolution, but until now, it's always come alongside a difficult compromise. With the Pentax 645Z, that changes. Building on 2010's 645D, the Pentax 645Z offers features that are rare or in some cases unique in a medium-format camera. Pick up its weather-sealed body, and you'll find both live view and video capture on offer, not to mention an extremely wide sensitivity range, 27-point phase-detect autofocus system -- and compared to rivals, very swift performance too! And of course, you'll get the incredible detail-gathering capability of medium-format, plus a really big, bright viewfinder. Is it time you considered moving up from full-frame? Read our Pentax 645Z review, and find out!

Nikon V3 Review
image of the Nikon V3 digital camera
18.4mp | 3.0x | $1,197
Nikon's 1-series cameras are popular with some for their compact nature, but its flagship models have had a hard time competing with larger-sensored cameras. The company aims to turn all that around with the Nikon V3, a camera that brings improved image quality, stupendously fast autofocus, and absolutely jaw-dropping speed. But the 1"-type sensor size remains: Can the V3 persuade enthusiasts to look past its limits and see its advantages? Find out in our Nikon V3 review!

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Canon 24mm f/2.8 STM lens review: Crop-sensor Canon shooters finally get their fantastic, affordable pancake lens
Featured Story 12/16, 15:37 EST One of Canon's many Photokina announcements was the introduction of a super compact, super lightweight and super affordable wide-angle pancake prime lens for APS-C shooters -- the EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM. A couple years ago, Canon introduced the 40mm f/2.8 pancake lens. This thin, lightweight, and budget-friendly optic became very popular, but... (more)

Meet the photographer Ansel Adams called 'The Antichrist'
Featured Story 12/16, 08:55 EST Ansel Adams was a communicator who made no attempt to hide what was on his mind. But one photographer in particular drew out the worst in Adams, with him going so far as to refer to his contemporary as ‘the anti-Christ.’ This photographer was William Mortensen, an American fine art photographer whose pictorialist style often brought to... (more)

Frustrated in your photography? Don't let 'The Gap' get the best of you
12/17, 11:35 EST As photographers, there will come a time in our careers where we will get in a rut. Whether it’s purely a hobby or your main source of income, eventually you will feel like your work isn’t where it should be. Ira Glass called this ‘The Gap’ – the difference between what you know is good artwork and what you’re creating. As shared in this... (more)

Camera Deals of the Day: Sony A7R $2,098; Canon 6D $1,499; Canon 5D Mark III $2,799; Refurb Nikon D7100 $700 and much more!
12/17, 11:31 EST Big holiday savings on cameras, lenses and other photo gear continue to roll in! The deals today include the Sony A7R, Canon DSLRs of all sorts, Nikon full-frame DSLRs (and a super deal on a refurb DX-format DSLR). There's also a variety of other deals on compact cameras, memory cards, tripods, camera bags and more! Check out all the latest... (more)

What is 'focus breathing' and how does it affect your images?
12/17, 05:27 EST Have you ever witnessed slight changes in focal length as you bring your subject into focus? Whether or not you knew what to call the phenomenon, you've likely experienced it many times before. This interesting optical phenomenon is known as 'focus breathing' and in the video below, Matt Granger, formerly known as ThatNikonGuy, offers a... (more)

The coolest new camera drone doesn't fly at all
12/16, 15:54 EST Meet BuggyCam, an innovative mobile camera platform that uses wheels, not rotors, to capture incredible footage. Developed by the two-man team at Motion Impossible, this remote controlled all-terrain vehicle pairs a highly tunable chassis to a custom V-CON stabilization system to capture incredible stabilized footage from a low... (more)

'MET' photo series makes art of people appreciating art
12/16, 13:06 EST Photographer Garry Waller has long had a fascination with shooting in The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Juxtaposing the pieces of art with the visitors who come to admire them, his images capture a broad range of emotions, from absolute awe to profound boredom. Beyond the people and art, the stark lighting and neutral color palette of the... (more)

Nikon Europe discovers some D800E cameras are D800s in disguise
12/16, 11:19 EST Nikon Europe has issued an official statement in regards to fraudulently modified D800 cameras. According to the notice, the Nikon camera company has come across a handful of cases in which D800E cameras sent in for repair were actually D800 cameras in disguise. The statement further elaborates that these cameras were likely sold and... (more)

New BPG image format looks to beat out JPEG with same quality at half the size
12/15, 17:16 EST Since its inception in 1992, the JPEG file format has been the go-to means for sharing photographs. While many have tried to replace it, its compression capabilities and ubiquitous support has greatly accounted for its success. Now, there’s a new image format looking to take over. It’s called Better Portable Graphics (BPG) and its strength... (more)

Could Olympus be paving the way for a Micro Four Thirds 'lens camera drone?'
12/15, 14:28 EST It appears Olympus is paving the way for some exciting applications of the hack & make Open Platform Camera (OPC) project it revealed earlier this year. One such application would be the world's first Micro Four Thirds lens camera drone. The project's home page features a graphic with a single rotor atop the OPC’s sensor module. Some... (more)

'The Last Stop' beautifully captures the disappearing rest stops across America
12/15, 11:15 EST Over the past five years, photographer Ryann Ford has been traveling across America, documenting the humble rest area for her project The Last Stop. From small, covered benches to more elaborate architecture, her medium format photographs seem to encapsulate the character of each stop and the environment that shaped its existence. The... (more)

Sony A6000: What about portraits?
12/12, 18:30 EST We've been working on a piece recently involving portrait shooting and bokeh, in which the Sony A6000 was involved. We got some really good shots with it, as expected based on our earlier test results with the camera. And seeing how crazy-popular it is on our site we thought readers might appreciate seeing them sooner rather than later. Below is a sampling of the results, most of which were... (more)

An inside look at Lytro's new 'Focus Spread' feature
12/12, 17:10 EST Earlier this week, Lytro announced version 4.1 of its desktop editing program. Included in the update was an interesting new feature called 'Focus Spread,' which allows you to choose precisely where the focus begins and where it ends. Since I had some Lytro files laying around, I figured I’d toss them into Lytro's app and take a look at... (more)

From the beauty of tranquility to motocross: We announce our November POTD monthly winners
12/12, 17:03 EST We love peaceful images as much as we love the more adventurous shots, and perhaps more so during this reflective time of the year. This month's winners begin with two wonderful images that fall in that category, followed by a terrific motocross shot and finally two wonderfully playful bird shots. The battle between Canon and Nikon also continues. For any of you who didn't see our news post... (more)

Sony A7S Review: A low-light powerhouse with professional, 4K video capabilities
12/12, 14:39 EST We've finally wrapped up our Sony A7S review, the unique 12-megapixel, 4K-shooting, high ISO monster! After spending a lot of time shooting with camera and running it through our testing lab, the A7S is undoubtedly a very impressive camera. The A7S has excellent dynamic range and the ability to shoot photos and video in practically any... (more)

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