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Samsung NX30 Review
image of the Samsung NX30 digital camera
20.3mp | 3.1x | $1,000
Despite the 'flagship' moniker, Samsung's newest high-end NX camera packs a punch with its performance, at a very affordable street price more in line with upper entry-level to lower mid-level DSLRs. The Samsung NX30 is a strong contender for those looking for a relatively compact, high-performance camera at a great value. While the NX-mount lens lineup is a little lacking at the moment, which might dissuade some more advanced users who need more specialized lenses, the NX30 and available native lenses are more than capable for capturing everything from general lifestyle, portrait and travel photos, to even a good amount of action and sports, while built-in Wi-Fi with NFC makes it easy to share these images. Read more in our Samsung NX30 review!

Sony RX100 III Review
image of the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III digital camera
20.2mp | 2.9x | $791
It was clear from its heritage that the Sony RX100 III would be an exciting camera, given that both its predecessors earned our Pocket Camera of the Year award, two years running. But that level of success also meant some mighty big shoes to fill. Sony's pocket-friendly shooter line are in a class of their own, and we shot all three models side-by-side to determine once and for all -- which is the best compact camera that money can buy? Did the RX100 III have what it took to steal the crown? Read our Sony RX100 III review, and find out!

Panasonic GH4 Review
image of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 digital camera
16.1mp | Non-Zoomx | $1,658
The Panasonic GH4 takes the impressive specs and performance of the GH3 and kicks them up a notch -- a big notch -- with faster burst shooting, quicker AF, and a host of other improvements, not to mention tons of new video features. With 4K video, higher bitrate Full HD, focus peaking, zebras, a plethora of image tweaking adjustments and clean, uncompressed HDMI output, the GH4 is at home in the hands of not only advanced and professional still photographers, but also in the hands of advanced and professional videographers. Read more in our in-depth Panasonic GH4 review!

Nikon D4S Review
image of the Nikon D4S digital camera
16.2mp | $6,077
There are no two ways about it: The Nikon D4S is one seriously impressive DSLR. That's to be expected, bearing in mind its heritage. But casting judgement on its greatness depends very much on perspective, so we looked at Nikon's new pro flagship through two different lenses: That of the enthusiast looking to step up their game, and that of the pro upgrading to the latest and greatest. Whichever camp you fall into, we've got your answer. Read our Nikon D4S review, and find out if it's time you bought yourself a new DSLR!

Canon G1 X Mark II Review
image of the Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II digital camera
13.1mp | 5.0x | $770
Canon refreshes its large-sensor compact with a revised 1.5-inch-type sensor, faster processor, and a brighter, wider and longer zoom lens. With a sleeker shape, add-on EVF and grip, and built-in Wi-Fi with NFC, the PowerShot G1 X Mark II is Canon's answer to the do-everything, go-anywhere compact camera for the advanced and enthusiast photographer. While some of the criticisms with the initial model have been addressed, there are still some issues here and there. Do the upsides outweigh the downsides? Read our Canon G1 X Mark II review to find out!

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Pentax surprises with futuristic new compact K-S1 DSLR
Featured Story 08/27, 18:00 EDT If you thought most new cameras nowadays are all about being "retro" and taking cues from cameras of yesteryear, take heed: Ricoh is going in a bold new direction with their latest DSLR, the new Pentax K-S1. Sporting a strikingly futuristic design, the K-S1 features a new 20-megapixel APS-C image sensor with a high ISO sensitivity up to... (more)

Sony A5100 Shooter's Report part I: Out and about with a smorgasbord of lenses
Featured Story 08/26, 18:02 EDT The Sony A5100 is a bit of an anomoly. For starters, its name implies that it succeeds the A5000, which it most certainly does not! The A5000 succeeds the lower-tiered NEX-3N, while the A5100 succeeds the mid-level NEX-5T. The popular A6000 succeeded the NEX-6 earlier this year, leaving only the flagship NEX-7 without an APS-C successor... (more)

Sony A7S Shooter's Report Part I: First impressions, handling and oh my, high ISO!
Featured Story 08/26, 11:47 EDT They say "three's a crowd," but in the case of the Sony A7-series of full-frame mirrorless cameras, perhaps the more apt analogy is "The Three Bears" in that with the A7, A7R and now the A7S, there's something for everyone, and you can find an A7 camera that's "just right" for you. The A7 is more focused on speed and being a good... (more)

Samyang introduces a 50mm f/1.4 "dream" lens (and a T1.5 cine version)
08/27, 09:24 EDT After teasing the upcoming announcement of a "dream" lens, the Korean optics manufcaturer Samyang, whose products are also sold under the Rokinon and Bower brands in the US, has announced a new 50mm f/1.4 "dream lens" as well as a T1.5 cine counterpart in various mounts. Both lenses compelemt the company's lineup of DSLR and cine lenses which so far had a gap... (more)

The men behind the cameras: Canon gives a rare insight into how your EOS SLR was designed
08/26, 19:12 EDT Have you ever wondered how your DSLR was designed? As it celebrates the 25th anniversary of its flagship EOS-1 series of film and digital SLRs, Canon has pulled back the curtain and given us a peek into the world of camera design, publishing an interview with two rather influential men in the company's Research and Development... (more)

Instagram's new app makes hyperlapse creation simple, but only for iOS devices
08/26, 14:14 EDT Creating a good hyperlapse video can be a lot of fuss. The defining feature that makes the technique so much more interesting than a simple time-lapse is camera motion, but simply moving your camera by hand or shooting from a moving vehicle isn't enough. The accelerated playback speed of hyperlapse means that even relatively subtle camera... (more)

Go climb a rock (or explore a reef) from the comfort of your home
08/26, 11:59 EDT Google has been busy sending its Street View cars (and backpacks, snowmobiles and tricycles) all over the world to document not only streets, but also all kinds of sights for us to enjoy from the comfort of our homes, without having to actually travel anywhere. A notable recent addition to the company's treasure trove of virtual sightseeing tours were the famous... (more)

Olympus files a patent for HDR exposure bracketing during live preview
08/26, 10:30 EDT Due to the limited dynamic range of digital imaging sensors, high contrast scenes often require the capture of bracketed exposures and subsequent HDR conversion in order to convey their full tonal range. The capture of bracketed exposures usually takes a couple seconds, depending on how many exposures are taken, and it requires both camera and subject to stay... (more)

Fuji X30 arrives with overhauled interface, EVF, Wi-Fi and radically better battery life
08/26, 01:00 EDT Good news, Fuji fans: the Fujifilm X30 is here, following in the footsteps of 2012's Fuji X10 and 2013's X20, both popular -- if occasionally quirky -- fixed-lens, compact cameras. Their classic styling and generous selection of physical controls helped them stand out from the crowd, and the X30 builds on those traits with an even more... (more)

Nikon D810 Shooter's Report Part I: The quest for sunshine and razor-sharp detail
08/25, 18:02 EDT Last week, we posted a big selection of real-world sample photos -- today, our Nikon D810 review takes another step forwards with the addition of my first Shooter's Report section. After days of uncooperative weather, when the sun peeked out briefly I shot all manner of subjects around downtown Knoxville, Tennessee, in the quest for... (more)

Samsung NX30 Review: solid performance and image quality at a great value
08/25, 09:42 EDT We've just finished our Samsung NX30 review, after it spent a lot of time out in the wilds of the Rocky Mountains in the hands of reviewer John Shafer, and overall, the NX30 is a solid little camera. Samsung is an extremely large company with a vast portfolio of products, but in the photographic world, more 'traditional' players like Canon,... (more)

Revenge of the DSLRs: What our winningest photographers shoot with and why
08/23, 15:43 EDT I wrote an article about a month ago, about how so many formerly "niche" camera types are growing in popularity and market share relative to traditional camera categories. It's a trend we've definitely seen developing over the past few years, in what we see coming into the lab to review, and also in direct reader interested and popularity in... (more)

Sony RX100 III Review: Is this the best compact camera money can buy?
08/22, 19:00 EDT In a very competitive market that's been eaten alive by the camera phone, it's hard for a compact camera to stand out from the crowd. That's precisely what Sony has managed with its RX100-series cameras, though. Now in its third iteration, the line started with the original RX100 (RX100 vs RX100 III) in mid-2012, followed by the RX100... (more) is a photo album and raw developer that resides in the cloud
08/22, 15:39 EDT When Adobe moved its solutions to the cloud a while back, a new era was ushered in for many creatives who use products such as Photoshop, Premiere and the like. Not just because Adobe moved away from individual per-app licensing to a subscription-based licensing scheme, but also because the move to cloud-based services blurred the lines between desktop application... (more)

Take a glimpse at authentic, unstaged beach scenes from North Korea
08/22, 12:03 EDT In recent years, North Korea has started opening up to foreign visitors, and photos and videos depicting everyday life in the reclusive Asian country have started trickling through to our western eyes. We've seen snaps by the daughter of Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Instagram photos from AP photographer David Guttenfelder, and most recently what is probably the first... (more)

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