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Canon G1 X Mark II Review
image of the Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II digital camera
13.1mp | 5.0x | $799
Canon refreshes its large-sensor compact with a revised 1.5-inch-type sensor, faster processor, and a brighter, wider and longer zoom lens. With a sleeker shape, add-on EVF and grip, and built-in Wi-Fi with NFC, the PowerShot G1 X Mark II is Canon's answer to the do-everything, go-anywhere compact camera for the advanced and enthusiast photographer. While some of the criticisms with the initial model have been addressed, there are still some issues here and there. Do the upsides outweigh the downsides? Read our Canon G1 X Mark II review to find out!

Sony A6000 Review
image of the Sony Alpha ILCE-A6000 digital camera
24.3mp | 3.1x | $781
Not only does this high-res speed demon cram in plenty of desirable features, the Sony A6000 also shaves a couple of hundred dollars off its predecessor's price. That's the recipe for greatness, so it's no surprise this has been one of our most popular reviews in recent memory -- and now, it's finished! So what was our final verdict on this affordable, swift-shooting camera, and is it time you bought one for yourself? Read our in-depth Sony A6000 review, and see what we thought!

Samsung Galaxy NX Review
image of the Samsung Galaxy NX digital camera
20.3mp | 3.1x | $1,399
Samsung makes a bold move with the convergence of an interchangeable lens camera and a smartphone in the Galaxy NX. This Android-powered camera features the same 20MP APS-C sensor as the NX300 and boasts similar impressive image quality at low to mid ISOs. A built-in EVF gives you a more traditional shooting experience, and the large 4.8-inch HD touchscreen is beautiful. With built-in Wi-Fi and 3G/4G LTE data capabilities, and all your favorite Android apps, the Samsung Galaxy NX should be the connected photographer's dream camera. Read our Samsung Galaxy NX review to find out if it's a dream come true.

Sony A3000 Review
image of the Sony Alpha ILCE-A3000 digital camera
20.1mp | 3.1x | $337
Some cameras are all about cramming in features; the Sony A3000 doesn't play that game. It's been pared down to the basics -- you get precisely what you need, and little more. But while rivals in its pricetag skimp on the basics with plastic lens mounts and years-old designs, Sony plays its own game, making an affordable camera that you'd actually want to own. But that's not to say that there are no compromises in the A3000. Read our in-depth Sony A3000 review, and find out whether Sony's hit the perfect balance between features and cost!

Fujifilm X-T1 Review
image of the Fujifilm X-T1 digital camera
16.3mp | 3.1x | $1,649
The Fuji X-T1 is a great example of the retro genre. Don't let its surprisingly compact, vintage-styled body fool you, though: It's wrapped around cutting-edge technology, including a class-leading electronic viewfinder and Fuji's exclusive X-Trans sensor technology. The Fuji X-T1 also boasts blazing-fast performance and top-notch image quality, but is it the right camera for you? We roamed the continents in search of our answer. Read our in-depth Fuji X-T1 review, and find out if it's finally time to shelve your DSLR and join the mirrorless crowd!

IR Photo News

Let's cut the crop: Zack Arias on the full-frame vs crop sensor debate
Featured Story 07/30, 09:45 EDT Among photographers, both hobbyist and professional, there is (and has been for a long time) an ongoing debate relating to the size of a digital camera's sensor. While some argue that only 'full-frame' (that is, 35mm format) sensors can provide the image quality required for professional photography, others say that APS-C or even Micro Four Thirds sensors are good... (more)

An injection of color: Panasonic FZ1000 gallery updated with 24 new real-world samples
Featured Story 07/29, 19:01 EDT Earlier this month, the hotly-anticipated Panasonic FZ1000 landed at Imaging Resource headquarters, and we didn't waste any time posting a round of gallery photos. (Nor was there a shortage of takers: Labmaster Luke Smith and senior lens technician Rob Murray were quick to volunteer, taking Panasonic's long-zoom rival to the Sony RX10... (more)

Canon announces PowerShot SX400 IS and SX520 HS superzoom cameras for the budget-conscious
Featured Story 07/29, 17:40 EDT Canon has today announced two new budget-friendly superzoom compacts, the Canon SX520 HS and SX400 IS. While the SX520 replaces the year-old SX510 HS, the SX400 is positioned below it and has to make do without some of the bells and whistles of its larger sibling. What both have in common are their powerful zoom lenses that offer a generous 24mm wide-angle --... (more)

Flickr launches limited photo licensing program, keeps the terms under wraps
07/30, 15:16 EDT Yahoo-owned photo sharing service Flickr has just followed in the footsteps of rivals such as 500px, announcing that it is getting into the stock photo business. If you're a Flickr user, though, you may find the program rather opaque. For one thing, it's apparently not open to all Flickr members. Doubtless looking to save its... (more)

Takashi Kitajima's "extra bokeh" series depicts Tokyo as a sea of bokeh balls
07/30, 14:08 EDT The city of Toyko, the capital of Japan, is without doubt one of the most fascinating and vibrant places in the world, especially for tech aficionados. Attracting millions of visitors each year, Tokyo is also one of the most-photographed places in the world. Thus, showing the city in a new perspective is not exactly an easy task. With his series "extra bokeh",... (more)

Camera Deals of the Day: New Nikon DSLR and lens specials; Sigma, Tamron lens rebates expire tomorrow; Canon T3 Kit $299 and more!
07/30, 11:04 EDT Lots of great camera and photo gear deals today, and this time there's lots of specials primarily on lenses and accessories. First up, is an updated set of Nikon DSLR and lens combo deals, and there's a nice low price still on a Canon T3 kit as well as a low price on a couple compact cameras from Panasonic and Nikon. As for lenses, there's a... (more)

Sony USA's Mark Weir honored with admission into Sony 'Samurai' Society
07/29, 11:46 EDT Here at IR, we don't normally take note of routine promotions and job changes in the camera industry, but this particular one is unusual enough, and the individual involved so clearly deserving of the honor, that we were moved to comment. Mark Weir, senior technology manager at Sony Digital Imaging, was just recently inducted into the Sony Samurai Society -- the... (more)

Immersive video race heats up as yet another 360-degree video camera launches
07/28, 16:19 EDT Now that action cameras are commonplace, the next battlefield in consumer video is 360-degree capture, it seems. We've already written off 3D capture at the consumer level as an abject failure, and while 4K is on the way, it's going to need upgrades throughout your workflow. 360-degree video, though, is a much simpler proposition: Just... (more)

Kimd is a concert photography and videography app for iOS that helps you not be obnoxious
07/28, 14:09 EDT Since the cameras in our smartphones and tablets have become so powerful, they're being used for all kinds of photography and videography work, including concert photography. In this case, we're not so much talking about professional concert photographers, but rather about fans bringing their mobile devices to record the event. Seeing your favorite band live on... (more)

This DIY underwater camera drone went to Botswana to film hippos in the Okavango Delta
07/28, 12:35 EDT These days, it seems like everybody is crazy about camera-equipped aerial drones such as the DJI Phantom series. And while we probably all agree that multicopters are great for achieving beautiful aerial video footage, it seems that the "other direction" on the vertical axis is getting much less attention than it deserves. Because let's be honest, how often have... (more)

Premium, Specialty, Niche: Welcome to the New World Order
07/27, 20:26 EDT The torch has been passed, and the balance shifted. Mirrorless cameras and models filling the specialty "niche" roles are now clearly in the ascendance over more traditional models, at least in the product-flow here at IR. The transition has been coming about for several years now, but 2014 seems to be signalling a shift from traditional... (more)

Aerial photographers: This clever map will help you steer clear of no-drone zones
07/25, 16:19 EDT The rise of affordable multicopters and radio-controlled aircraft with built-in cameras (or support for mounting your own) has brought aerial photography within reach of the masses, but it's proven to be a thorny issue where the US government is concerned. As use of unmanned aerial vehicles -- or drones, in mainstream media parlance --... (more)

'No Cameras Allowed' tells the story of a 26-year-old concert photographer who became famous by sneaking into festivals
07/25, 14:59 EDT There are a couple of awesome photographic disciplines, but being a concert photographer probably tops them all. Despite being one of the most stressful photographic careers -- thousands of people around you, loud music, hot and moist air if you're inside a concert hall, and constant running from one end of the stage to the other -- it probably is also one of the... (more)

Firmware Friday: Heads-up display for Blackmagic Production Camera 4K; Zeiss tweaks 50mm Touit
07/25, 14:01 EDT The folks at Blackmagic are at it again! For the third time in a month, they've taken a place in our weekly Firmware Friday roundup, and this week they're joined by optics legend Zeiss. A month ago, Blackmagic shipped v1.8 updates for the Cinema Camera, Pocket Cinema Camera and Production Camera 4K. Last week, another update took all... (more)

Pelican Imaging shows first pictures from its light field camera for smartphones
07/25, 13:24 EDT When Lytro first announced its original light field camera, it created quite a bit of a stir in the photography world. For the first time, it was possible with a consumer device to create pictures that contained depth information, and that could be refocused after they were taken. With the advent of Lytro's latest offering, the Illum, it became clear that light... (more)

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