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Canon T5 Review
image of the Canon EOS Rebel T5 (EOS 1200D) digital camera
18.0mp | 3.1x | $474
The Canon T5 brings a welcomed update to Canon's entry-level DSLR model after 2011's Canon Rebel T3. Sporting a higher-res 18MP sensor, improved exterior styling, and upgraded Full HD video as well as advanced exposure controls for video, the T5 offers a lot of camera for your money. While the T5 may lean more toward the basic side of things, the image quality is very good when it's all said and done. If you're looking for a low barrier of entry into the DSLR world, the Canon Rebel T5 is a great place to start. Read more about it in our in-depth Canon T5 review, to see why!

Panasonic FZ1000 Review
image of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 digital camera
20.1mp | 16.0x | $798
In 2013, the Sony RX10 set a very high benchmark for just what a long-zoom camera could be, with a large 1"-type image sensor and generous 8.3x zoom lens. Now, Panasonic puts forth a spectacularly-capable challenger in the 16x zoom Panasonic FZ1000, and despite the same sensor size and an even more generous feature set, it's barely any bigger. Although it lacks the constant aperture of the Sony, we think the Panasonic FZ1000 represents an even better buy for the typical photographer in search of a camera that will free them from the need to juggle a dozen different lenses. Want to know why? Read our in-depth Panasonic FZ1000 review, and find out!

Sony A7S Review
image of the Sony Alpha ILCE-A7S digital camera
12.2mp | Non-Zoomx | $2,334
The Sony A7S defies convention with a unique 12-megapixel full-frame sensor with large pixels for outstanding high ISO performance as well as direct pixel readout for 4K video recording. With very wide dynamic range and high ISO sensitivity up to 409,600, plus a slew of professional-level video features such as SLog2 gamma, uncompressed 8-bit 4K and HD output via HDMI, zebras, focus peaking and XAVC S, the Sony A7S is arguably one the most versatile hybrid still and video cameras currently on the market for advanced enthusiasts and professional photographers and cinematographers. Read more in our Sony A7S review!

IR Photo News

CP+ 2015 Interview: Ricoh's investment in Pentax, full-frame strategy, lens plans and more
Featured Story 03/05, 11:00 EST Here's another in my series of executive interviews with photo industry executives at the CP+ 2015 show in Yokohama, Japan. This time, I'm speaking with Mr. Kasunobu Saiki, the General Manager of the Marketing Communication Department, in the Global Marketing Division of Ricoh Imaging Co. Limited. When Ricoh purchased Pentax from Hoya... (more)

Apple reminds Aperture users of upcoming removal from Mac App Store, impending Photos arrival
03/05, 14:47 EST Today, Apple sent out an email to Aperture users informing them the program will no longer be available for purchase when Photos, its iPhoto/Aperture replacement program, goes live 'this spring'. Apple notes that Aperture will still be functional through OS X Yosemite, its latest operating system, but purchasing won't be an option. To... (more)

Canon launches 7-part tutorial on bird and wildlife photography
03/05, 13:36 EST To promote its Birds as Art destination workshop, Canon has published a seven-part tutorial series, hosted by renowned bird photographer Arthur Morris. In the tutorials, which average around 6-minutes in length, Morris breaks down a number of important techniques, lessons and settings to take into consideration when capturing birds and... (more)

Instagram ads will soon include multiple images and links
03/05, 08:59 EST Yesterday, Instagram announced it will soon beef up its advertising platform. Specifically, the Facebook-owned social network said it will soon allow marketers to display multiple images inside their sponsored ads using a dedicated ‘carousel’ format. Additionly, Instagram said these advertisements will also feature a new ‘Learn More’... (more)

Fujifilm announces new rental program, set to go live in the US on March 16th
03/04, 15:15 EST Fujifilm has announced a new rental program, set to go live in the United States on March 16th. Aptly called Fujifilm Professional Rental, the upcoming program is for photographers who would like to try out Fujifilm X-Series cameras and Fujinon XF lenses before making the larger investment of purchasing the... (more)

Sony beefs up FE lens lineup with 4 new optics, including Zeiss 35mm f/1.4, lens converters
03/03, 23:00 EST One of the big complaints aimed towards Sony's popular A7-series of full-frame mirrorless cameras is the lack of a robust native lens lineup. In an effort to stem that tide, Sony continues to expand their FE lineup with the introduction of four new FE lenses, including their first f/1.4 lens for the FE-mount, a Zeiss 35mm f/1.4 optic. Also... (more)

How to make $300 in camera gear with a tiny bee and a DSLR
03/03, 16:57 EST Making $300 in Adorama cash with a nice shot of a colorful bee on a flower is a neat feat indeed, but that's just what Bryan Schwertner did by taking the first prize in our January POTD contest. And how about making $200 with a tight shot of a soaring snowy owl as our longtime contributing photographer Jimmy Marz did, or winning $100 with a compelling image of a baby snow monkey taking a dip... (more)

Should you clean your lens?
03/03, 14:13 EST I hesitate to even discuss lens cleaning; I risk turning you into one of those lens cleaning fanatics simply by broaching the subject and that’s the last thing I want to do. I want you to leave your lens alone. But the time will come when the build-up of daily life needs to be removed and you need to do it carefully. What you really want... (more)

Lowepro launches Echelon, a luxurious lineup of premium camera bags
03/03, 13:16 EST Yesterday, Lowepro announced Echelon, a new, limited-edition lineup of luxury camera bags. Sleek in design and constructed of premium materials, the Echelon lineup marks Lowepro’s first endeavor into the high-end bag market. The Echelon lineup is offered as a three-piece collection and consists of a roller for gear-heavy photographers, an... (more)

Camera Deals of the Day: $200 off new Nikon D7200, Price Drops on Canon 5D3 ($2499), 6D ($1399), 7D ($849) and more!
03/02, 12:25 EST If you've been waiting to jump on the Canon train or to upgrade your current Canon DSLR, now's the time, as they have just announced big price drops on some of their most popular DSLRs. Both the Canon 5D Mark III and 6D bodies and kits have dropped in price, as has the older, yet powerful Canon 7D. Retailers are also adding extra discounts... (more)

What is Bounce Flash?
03/02, 12:15 EST There are big light sources and there are small light sources. I’m not talking about bright and dim here. I’m talking about size relative to the subject. A cloudy sky is really one big large white light. By comparison, the sun is a small light—it’s a point light source. The cloudy sky makes soft shadows—if any at all. The sun makes... (more)

Apple reveals global 'Shot on iPhone 6' advertising campaign and gallery
03/02, 11:49 EST Apple has unveiled a new advertising campaign and accompanying gallery, titled ‘Shot on iPhone 6’. As the name suggests, the campaign will feature photographs from 77 different artists, whose work will be displayed on billboards and posters in 70 cities, across 24 countries to showcase the camera capabilities of Apple's flagship... (more)

Quick tips for reducing, not removing, stray hairs in Photoshop
03/02, 09:49 EST Removing stray hairs in post-production can be a cumbersome task, even when you do your best during the shoot to keep your subject’s hair under control. To help you best manage your time and resources, photographer and CreativeLive contributor Chris Orwig has put together a short video demonstrating the best practices for dealing with an... (more)

Nikon D7200 shoots for longer, boasts deeper buffer, better low-light autofocus and built-in Wi-Fi
03/01, 23:02 EST Since early 2013, the Nikon D7100 has been the crown jewel of the company's APS-C camera lineup. Now, it follows up with the Nikon D7200, a camera that looks very similar to its predecessor on the outside, but sports several significant improvements beneath the skin. Perhaps most importantly, the Nikon D7200 brings significantly increased... (more)

Reach into the stratosphere with the new Nikon P900, an 83x optical, 2000mm eq. ultra-zooming behemoth
03/01, 23:01 EST Nikon takes the all-in-one superzoom category to the next level, following closely on the heels of the recently announced P610 60x zoom camera, with the introduction of the Nikon Coolpix P900. The new P900 goes way beyond the standard 50-65x superzoom category though with a new, massive 83x, 2000mm eq. optical zoom lens. (Yes,... (more)

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