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Olympus E-M1 II Review
image of the Olympus OM-D E-M1 II digital camera
20.4mp | Non-Zoom | $1,999
Back in 2013, the E-M1 made a big splash, and now the updated Olympus E-M1 Mark II makes an even bigger one. Packed with a new 20MP sensor, revamped AF system, faster image processor (two, in fact), 4K video and more, the E-M1 Mark II addresses the performance and C-AF shortcomings of the original and pushes the envelope even further to truly provide professional photographers and multimedia producers with a capable, high-performance DSLR alternative. Excellent image quality, top-notch performance and all-around fantastic build quality and features makes the E-M1 II worthy of consideration for those upgrading from the E-M1 or moving from another mirrorless camera or a DSLR. Read about all the details in our Olympus E-M1 Mark II review!

Nikon D3400 Review
image of the Nikon D3400 digital camera
24.2mp | 3.1x | $497
The Nikon D3400 combines great image quality from its 24-megapixel APS-C sensor with a user-friendly design and good, reliable performance across the board. Some of its capabilities may be lacking, particularly with regard to continuous autofocus, video and its new SnapBridge support, but compared to its peers, the D3400 proves to be an excellent entry-level DSLR at a great price. While not without its share of shortcomings, find out why we still voted it the Best Entry-level DSLR for 2016 in our Nikon D3400 review!

Leica SL (Typ 601) Review
image of the Leica SL (Typ 601) digital camera
24.2mp | Non-Zoom | $7,450
The Leica SL is a thoroughly modern, professional full-frame mirrorless camera with superb build quality, an outstanding EVF, great image quality (from raw files) and surprising performance. Not only can the Leica SL capture 24-megapixel stills at a blistering 11 fps, it can record 4K DCI and UHD video as well. While it's true there are only a few native lenses for the SL at this time, the camera is compatible with well over 100 existing Leica lenses via adapters. But like every camera, the Leica SL has some deficiencies and drawbacks, not to mention its very steep price tag. Read our Leica SL review to find out if it's worth the investment to you.

Pentax K-70 Review
image of the Pentax K-70 digital camera
24.2mp | 7.5x | $619
Ricoh's Pentax brand has made a name for itself by providing enthusiast-grade features at aggressive, entry-level pricing. The Pentax K-70 follows in that tradition and offers an unbelievable amount of camera for very little cash. But that's not to say that it's perfect: We had concerns about its wireless communications and movie autofocus in particular. So should you buy one regardless, or should you look elsewhere for your next DSLR? Find out now in our in-depth Pentax K-70 review!

Panasonic GX85 Review
image of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX85 digital camera
16.0mp | 2.7x | $698
The Panasonic GX85 comes close to offering the ideal blend of image quality, functionality, speed and size in our book, packing a ton of advanced features and performance into a compact, well-built body, all at a fair price. The camera produces crisp images that are competitive with other 16-megapixel Micro Four Thirds cameras, captures excellent 4K video, and overall performance is impressive, making it an attractive option for beginners and enthusiasts alike looking for a small but powerful interchangeable lens camera. Is this the perfect compact mirrorless? Read our in-depth Panasonic GX85 review to find out!

Canon EOS M10 Review
image of the Canon EOS M10 digital camera
18.0mp | 3.0x | $449
Canon's first true entry-level mirrorless camera, the EOS M10, combines good image quality with a user-friendly design and great touchscreen interface. With that said, its affordable price point does lead to some compromises in terms of both design and performance. There's no viewfinder, limited physical controls and continuous autofocus and shooting performance are limited. It is nonetheless a compelling option for beginner photographers. Read our Canon EOS M10 review for more.

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Firmware Friday: Fuji X-T1 gets improved flash, front dial bug fix Featured Story
01/20, 20:26 EST     Between the holiday season, CES show and an impressively powerful flu bug which took Senior Reviews Editor Mike Tomkins out for the count, our Firmware Friday roundup has necessarily taken something of an extended hiatus over the... (more)

Broncolor offering photographers $24,000 in gear, discounts, exposure and more in Gen NEXT contest
01/21, 06:00 EST     If you are between 18 and 30 years old, you can win broncolor gear worth $24,000 in their Gen NEXT competition. You can submit up to three images falling within any genre of photography, such as sports, still life, portraits, etc. Submissions are... (more)

Firmware Friday: Fuji X-T1 gets improved flash, front dial bug fix Featured Story
01/20, 20:26 EST     Between the holiday season, CES show and an impressively powerful flu bug which took Senior Reviews Editor Mike Tomkins out for the count, our Firmware Friday roundup has necessarily taken something of an extended hiatus over the last few... (more)

French fashion photographer takes you on a distinct visual journey through China at night
01/20, 14:00 EST     In early December, WIRED rebranded its photography website, WIRED Photo. When they did so, they promised better visuals and excellent storytelling. They’ve delivered with their recent coverage of Marilyn Mugot’s excellent night photography... (more)

More than a slap on the wrist: Aerial photography company hit with large fine for FAA violations
01/20, 06:00 EST     After seeking a record sum of US$1.9 million from aerial photography company SkyPan International, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has accepted $200,000 as part of a settlement. SkyPan International was charged with orchestrating 65... (more)

Lighting up the polar night: Finnish artist creates stunning light paintings that look out of this world
01/19, 14:00 EST     "Great Big Story" recently made a video about Finnish artist Hannu Huhtamo and his long exposure photography. “Darkness is the canvas and the light is my brush,” Huhtamo says, “With light painting you can create new worlds in the darkness.” As much... (more)

Mirrorless monster: Thriller film “Cadaver” to be shot entirely with a Sony a7S II
01/19, 12:47 EST     Coming to a theater near you this summer, Cadaver - a horror-thriller movie starring Shay Mitchell ("Pretty Little Liars") - will be the first movie shot entirely with a Sony a7S II camera. In Cadaver, disgraced ex-cop and recovering addict Megan... (more)

Histogram myths: Matt Granger on understanding histograms and how to properly use them
01/19, 06:00 EST     Photographer and educator Matt Granger wants to help us better understand histograms. Histograms are very useful and many of us are familiar with them, but Granger says there are three very common misconceptions that he wants to help... (more)

It’s finally here: Full details on the Fuji GFX medium-format mirrorless camera, including the price!
01/19, 00:32 EST     Last fall, Fujifilm stole the show at Photokina 2016 with a surprise development announcement, flooring us all with its vision of an incredibly compact medium-format mirrorless camera. Today, it takes that announcement off the development roster,... (more)

X100F and 4K-shooting X-T20: Fuji announces pair of new 24MP X-Trans cameras
01/19, 00:31 EST     Alongside the official announcement of the new medium format Fuji GFX, Fujifilm has also announced updates to a pair of their APS-C X-Series cameras, the Fuji X100F and Fuji X-T20. These refreshed models not only get some  which are both centered... (more)

Fujifilm launches new compact, affordable XF50mm f/2 R WR lens
01/19, 00:30 EST     True to their lens roadmap, Fujifilm today announced the launch of their new Fujinon XF 50mm f/2 R WR lens. The Fujinon lens lineup features a generous number of prime lenses, and the XF 50mm fills a gap between two 35mm lenses, and the 56mm f/1.2.... (more)

Thin body, wide ISO range: Leica introduces slimmest, highest-sensitivity digital M camera, the M10
01/18, 15:46 EST     Leica's M line has simultaneously beefed up and slimmed down. The newly-announced Leica M10 features the slimmest body of any Leica digital M camera, while including a physical ISO dial, higher-magnification (0.73x) optical viewfinder and... (more)

Updated: Harvard - NOT that Harvard - offers a free course on digital photography
01/18, 14:00 EST     Updated on January 19 at 4:15 PM ET: Per Fstoppers, it turns out that the Alison platform below is not hosting Harvard's photography course. Fstoppers has reached out to the Harvard Photography Department for more information. Feel free to use the... (more)

Smooth operators: 10 top video tripod heads for any budget
01/18, 08:45 EST     Any photographer who tries shooting video using an ordinary tripod designed for still photography soon discovers the limitations of a standard 3-way pan/tilt head or ball head in achieving smooth panning and tilting motions. Indeed, if you're... (more)

Droneless in Seattle: Irresponsible drone pilot crashes into Space Needle, faces potential criminal charges
01/18, 06:00 EST     There is likely little more annoying to responsible drone pilots than hearing about irresponsible drone pilots. Between crashing drones through windows or flying them near airplanes, it seems that people continue to give lawmakers more motivation to... (more)

It’s raining drones: Pilot whose drone knocked woman unconscious found guilty, faces up to 364 days in jail
01/17, 14:00 EST     While drones are responsible for a lot of incredible imagery and great enjoyment for responsible drone pilots, we are seeing an increasing number of unfortunate incidents relating to drones. This incident actually dates back to June 2015, but it was... (more)

Nikon KeyMission 360 takes D.C.: Inauguration to be livestreamed in VR and 360-degree video
01/17, 11:00 EST     The upcoming US Presidential Inauguration on January 20 is an important event in American history for many reasons, not the least of which is that it will involve the swearing in of the 45th President of the United States. USA Today has announced... (more)

Dangerous digits: Showing your fingerprints could lead to identity theft due to higher resolution cameras
01/17, 06:00 EST     Could someone steal your fingerprints through an image? What may sound like extreme fear mongering does have some basis in reality as Japan’s National Institute of Informatics (NII) has recently issued a warning to the public to not share images... (more)

Nikon D5600 First Shots: Time to make comparisons against the rival T6i, K-70, A6500 and more!
01/16, 17:05 EST     Two years in the making, the Nikon D5600 has some pretty big shoes to fill in Nikon's intermediate DSLR category. The D5500 not only won Best Intermediate DSLR in our 2015 Camera of the Year awards but was also named the "Best indoor sports camera... (more)

Fluorescent flower photos look out of this world: Photographer captures glowing flower images
01/16, 14:00 EST     There are lots of beautiful flower images online, but Craig Burrows’ work is unlike any we’ve seen before. Craig utilizes a technique called UV induced fluorescence photography. This photography requires that the lens absorb all ultraviolet and... (more)

Adding depth to a still image: Real-time face painting shown off in new Adobe Research team video
01/16, 06:00 EST     Following up on our earlier story about Adobe’s concept for an intelligent digital assistant to help you with your photo editing, the company has also published a video showing the Adobe Research team’s work on real-time face painting. This new... (more)

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