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Pentax 645Z Review
image of the Pentax 645Z digital camera
51.4mp | $8,500
Medium-format cameras offer truly spectacular resolution, but until now, it's always come alongside a difficult compromise. With the Pentax 645Z, that changes. Building on 2010's 645D, the Pentax 645Z offers features that are rare or in some cases unique in a medium-format camera. Pick up its weather-sealed body, and you'll find both live view and video capture on offer, not to mention an extremely wide sensitivity range, 27-point phase-detect autofocus system -- and compared to rivals, very swift performance too! And of course, you'll get the incredible detail-gathering capability of medium-format, plus a really big, bright viewfinder. Is it time you considered moving up from full-frame? Read our Pentax 645Z review, and find out!

Nikon V3 Review
image of the Nikon V3 digital camera
18.4mp | 3.0x | $1,197
Nikon's 1-series cameras are popular with some for their compact nature, but its flagship models have had a hard time competing with larger-sensored cameras. The company aims to turn all that around with the Nikon V3, a camera that brings improved image quality, stupendously fast autofocus, and absolutely jaw-dropping speed. But the 1"-type sensor size remains: Can the V3 persuade enthusiasts to look past its limits and see its advantages? Find out in our Nikon V3 review!

Samsung NX30 Review
image of the Samsung NX30 digital camera
20.3mp | 3.1x | $1,000
Despite the 'flagship' moniker, Samsung's newest high-end NX camera packs a punch with its performance, at a very affordable street price more in line with upper entry-level to lower mid-level DSLRs. The Samsung NX30 is a strong contender for those looking for a relatively compact, high-performance camera at a great value. While the NX-mount lens lineup is a little lacking at the moment, which might dissuade some more advanced users who need more specialized lenses, the NX30 and available native lenses are more than capable for capturing everything from general lifestyle, portrait and travel photos, to even a good amount of action and sports, while built-in Wi-Fi with NFC makes it easy to share these images. Read more in our Samsung NX30 review!

Sony RX100 III Review
image of the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III digital camera
20.2mp | 2.9x | $788
It was clear from its heritage that the Sony RX100 III would be an exciting camera, given that both its predecessors earned our Pocket Camera of the Year award, two years running. But that level of success also meant some mighty big shoes to fill. Sony's pocket-friendly shooter line are in a class of their own, and we shot all three models side-by-side to determine once and for all -- which is the best compact camera that money can buy? Did the RX100 III have what it took to steal the crown? Read our Sony RX100 III review, and find out!

Panasonic GH4 Review
image of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 digital camera
16.1mp | Non-Zoomx | $2,192
The Panasonic GH4 takes the impressive specs and performance of the GH3 and kicks them up a notch -- a big notch -- with faster burst shooting, quicker AF, and a host of other improvements, not to mention tons of new video features. With 4K video, higher bitrate Full HD, focus peaking, zebras, a plethora of image tweaking adjustments and clean, uncompressed HDMI output, the GH4 is at home in the hands of not only advanced and professional still photographers, but also in the hands of advanced and professional videographers. Read more in our in-depth Panasonic GH4 review!

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Sony A7S Shooter's Report Part II: Boost those shadows and peep those pixels! A look at dynamic range and 4K video
Featured Story 10/28, 10:31 EDT After some extensive testing, shooting, filming, editing and comparing, the second installment of my Sony A7S Shooter's Report is now published. After investigating the handling as well as the insanely high ISO performance of this popular full-frame mirrorless camera, this second Shooter's Report section focuses on two of the other... (more)

Pentax 645Z Review: The medium-format camera, redefined
Featured Story 10/27, 16:55 EDT Way back in 2011, we reviewed Pentax's first medium-format digital camera, the 645D. We found lots to love, but also quite a few limitations -- although in fairness to Pentax, they were shared with all of its medium-format competition. Fast-forward three years, and the followup Pentax 645Z keeps the best of its predecessor, while... (more)

Best Superzoom 2014: 8 competitors, 2.5 clear winners
Featured Story 10/25, 14:57 EDT Superzoom cameras are a lot of fun. In a package about the size of a small DSLR and at fairly modest prices, virtually any shooter at any level can have 1200mm eq. optical range (and even more on a few models) at their fingertips. From the other side of a lake to the near side of the moon, these 50x and longer models are bringing the distant... (more)

Sigma 150-600mm Sport: Hands-on preview of Sigma's latest 'Sigmonster' telephoto lens
Featured Story 10/24, 08:10 EDT For outdoor sports and wildlife photographers, a versatile, high-powered super-telephoto zoom lens is an essential piece of kit that lets you get shots from far away…and even farther away. Just prior to Photokina last month, Sigma announced not one, but two new super-tele zoom lenses that have undoubtedly caught the eye of long-lens... (more)

Sony pro support program comes to the USA; Artisans program expanded to 30 photographers
10/30, 00:00 EDT Last spring, we told readers about a new support program launched by Sony in Japan, and aimed at professional photographers shooting with the company's Alpha cameras. If you're an Alpha-mount pro in the US market, we have good news for you today -- a similar scheme has just launched in the US market. Effective immediately, active... (more)

13-inch Epson SureColor P600 photo printer promises better black and white
10/29, 17:17 EDT Can't get enough of black and white photography, but find it hard to recreate in print what you see on the screen? If so, you're the target customer for Epson's latest photo printer, the just-announced SureColor P600. Among the many features of this capable 13-inch model, Epson is focusing on its black and white printing capability as... (more)

Newly published Nikon patents show hybrid smartphone camera, 1-series superzoom lens and more
10/29, 17:03 EDT Nikon Rumors has spotted a number of interesting patents filed by Nikon and published by Egami and IPWatchdog. Among these, there's what appears to be a camera case for smartphones, a hotshoe-mounted add-on EVF that comes with a second accessory hot-shoe, a superzoom lens for the 1 system, as well as a technology for a combined 2D/3D display. First up is a... (more)

Ricoh Theta successor adds 360-degree spherical video; third-party developers courted with new SDK
10/29, 14:43 EDT Back in early 2013, Ricoh first showed a prototype of one of the most unusual digital cameras we've ever seen, featuring twin fisheye lenses facing in opposite directions. The idea of that camera, which six months later hit retail as the Ricoh Theta, was that it would capture a full 360-degree spherical panorama in a single press of the... (more)

Stormscapes2 is a beautifully orchestrated timelapse video of storms, thunderbolts and starry skies
10/28, 15:56 EDT We've seen a good many timelapse videos in the past, many of them which were truly outstanding as they made use of some clever techniques, or simply because they were showing extraordinarily beautiful imagery. We've also seen a couple of prime example of night sky and storm photography. The latest video that we stumbled upon effectively combines storm chasing,... (more)

Need a 20x superzoom lens for your next video production? Canon's new 50-1000mm cine zoom has you covered
10/28, 10:28 EDT In the world of superzoom lenses for DSLRs, we thought that Tamron's 16-300mm f/3.5-6.3 APS-C lens with its 18.8x zoom factor was about as good as it gets, but we were apparently wrong. If you need even more zoom and an even longer reach, Canon now has you covered with a new 50-1000mm monster. Sort of. This is not an ordinary lens though,... (more)

New EF-M 55-250mm lens patent may hint at a future for the EOS M system
10/27, 17:26 EDT Canon's EOS M series has long been the underdog of mirrorless systems, especially in the western parts of the world where compact system cameras still have a hard time against traditional DSLRs. Nevertheless, Canon is continuing to improve its mirrorless lineup, developing new cameras and lenses for the EOS M series. Only a couple of months ago, Canon announced... (more)

Canon patent shows zoom lens with variable liquid element
10/27, 16:35 EDT Liquid lenses are nothing new, the concept has been around for a while and has been proposed for use in smartphone cameras in the past. The advantage that a liquid lens has over a lens made of solid glass is that its shape can easily be changed, altering its refractive properties. This allows for both zooming and focusing without physically moving elements inside... (more)

Nikon D750 reaches DxOMark top ten in sensor test, nearly head-to-head with D810 and D610
10/27, 16:19 EDT When Nikon announced its new D750 full-frame (FX format) DSLR at this year's Photokina show in Cologne, Germany, many were wondering why the company was introducing another niche model in-between the budget-friendly D610 and the powerhouse D810. While mixing some of the specs of the D610 and D810, the D750 also sports a handful of features that neither of its... (more)

Is Adobe Europe mulling a Creative Cloud price drop?
10/27, 14:37 EDT An interesting story appeared on DIY Photography late last week suggesting that Adobe was charging German customers different prices for Creative Cloud subscriptions based on their chosen web browser. As it turned out, though, the situation was a little more complicated than that, and it looks like Adobe may be considering adjusting... (more)

Sony quietly intros super-swift XQD flash cards with 350MB/sec write speeds
10/27, 13:22 EDT Of the many flash card types we've seen over the years, it has to be said that the XQD card format hasn't been a resounding success in the still camera market. Jointly-created by SanDisk, Nikon and Sony, the XQD specification was adopted by the CompactFlash Association in late 2011, and quickly superceded by XQD version 2.0 just eight... (more)

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