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Sony A7 Review
image of the Sony Alpha ILCE-A7 digital camera When we reviewed Sony's A7R mirrorless camera, we were thrilled by its combination of a full-frame image sensor and a compact body. The Sony A7 offers both, and yet it's even more affordable. It also boasts better autofocus and performance, but trades off some of its sibling's epic resolution to achieve these. We already knew the Sony A7 would be great, but we wanted to answer which was better: The Sony A7 or A7R? Does amazing image quality trump performance? Are you better off spending a little more, or can you be thrifty and still get the best full-frame mirrorless camera money can buy? Read our Sony A7 review and find out!

Res: 24.3mp
Zoom: 2.5x
Storage: MS Pro Duo, SD, SDHC, SDXC
Compare Price: $1,913-2,694
Nikon D5300 Review
image of the Nikon D5300 digital camera Despite being an evolutionary upgrade to the D5200, the Nikon D5300 sports a new 24.2MP sensor without an AA filter for enhanced sharpness, and Nikon's latest EXPEED 4 processor for better high ISO handling and 1080/60p HD video. The addition of built-in Wi-Fi and GPS (a first for a Nikon DSLR) makes this compact, mid-range DSLR an excellent choice for upgrading beginners and budding enthusiasts alike. Check out our Nikon D5300 review for all the details.

Res: 24.2mp
Zoom: 7.8x
Storage: SD, SDHC, SDXC
Compare Price: $949-1,344
Olympus Stylus 1 Review
image of the Olympus Stylus 1 digital camera Interested in a high-quality 28-300mm eq. constant f/2.8 zoom lens mounted in front of a sensor that is larger than conventional all-in-one long zooms, but that fits comfortably in a coat pocket and won't break the bank? Read our in-depth Olympus Stylus 1 review to discover all of the great (and a few not-so-great) things this one-of-a-kind little digital camera has to offer!

Res: 12.0mp
Zoom: 10.7x
Storage: SD, SDHC, SDXC
Compare Price: $650-700
Nikon Df Review
image of the Nikon Df digital camera The full-frame, FX-format Nikon Df takes the same great sensor and processor pairing of the professional Nikon D4, and places them in a weather-sealed, retro-styled body that's rich with external controls. (And it does so at half the price of the pro camera.) It's arguably the best available-light shooter around, but is it the right camera for you? Read our Nikon Df review, and find out!

Res: 16.2mp
Storage: SD, SDHC, SDXC
Compare Price: $2,997-3,000
Panasonic GM1 Review
image of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM1 digital camera Panasonic's "micro" Micro Four Thirds camera, the tiny Panasonic GM1 gets our full review treatment. The tiny camera features the same sensor and processor as its larger sibling, the GX7, but Panasonic has done some innovative engineering to pack all that power into such a small and pocketable digital camera. Check out our Panasonic GM1 review to see why this camera was voted the Best Pocket Interchangeable Lens Camera of 2013!

Res: 16.0mp
Zoom: 2.7x
Storage: SD, SDHC, SDXC
Compare Price: $748-750

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Canon G1 X Mark II - sample gallery images posted
Featured Story Apr 21, 14:56 EDT Canon's PowerShot G-series has always been a highly popular and stalwart series of compact cameras that cater to the enthusiast crowd and to DSLR owners with pro-level features and controls. With the introduction of the G1 X back in 2012, Canon changed up the game a bit by packing in a larger-than-typical "1.5-inch type" CMOS sensor, which... (more)

Panasonic GH4 Image Quality Analysis: See how the new 4K video powerhouse performs with still images
Featured Story Apr 21, 14:39 EDT The Panasonic GH4, highly-anticipated successor to the GH3, aims to take the enthusiast and professional video market by storm, but let's not forget it's also a mighty stills camera first and foremost (given that its ergonomics still resemble that classic DSLR-like shape). The Panasonic GH4's got a host of upgrades including a newly designed... (more)

Sony A7 review: Is the best full-frame mirrorless camera also the most affordable?
Featured Story Apr 18, 14:25 EDT The cat's out of the bag: When we published our A7R review last December, it was pretty obvious that its sibling, the Sony A7, would also be well-received. The two full-frame, fully-featured mirrorless cameras share so much, after all. Both cameras' high placement in our 2013 Camera of the Year awards served to reconfirm it. With that... (more)

Pawn shop workers thwart illegal sale, return Nikon taken from subway
Apr 23, 11:01 EDT When a camera gets lost, it’s pretty unlikely it’ll be reunited with its rightful owner—doubly so if it’s “lost” on a crowded subway in the center of a major city. But here’s your daily dose of a happy ending, thanks to some pawn shop workers who went above and beyond. WCVB reports that last weekend, a man walked into Empire Loan in... (more)

Is Fuji preparing a far-reaching X-mount travel zoom?
Apr 22, 18:47 EDT The folks over at Mirrorless Rumors today picked up news of an interesting development from Fujifilm, courtesy of a recently-published patent application. Filed last December and published a little less than a fortnight ago, the patent application shows the design for an 18-250mm f/3.6-6.5 zoom lens for X-mount cameras, says Mirrorless... (more)

Just a few more minutes of winter: tips for shooting snow sports with photographer Brett Wilhelm
Apr 22, 18:09 EDT Winter is finally over. That’s great news for most of us, but winter sports fanatics might still be looking for ways to stay slope-side just a little bit longer. Here are your last two-and-a-half minutes of snow for the next six months. Photographer and videographer Brett Wilhelm regularly covers skiing and snowboarding events (among... (more)

Wanderlust's Kickstarter-funded large-format film camera to go on sale this summer for $149
Apr 22, 13:22 EDT Medium-format digital cameras are newly “affordable” thanks to the upcoming Pentax 645Z, which will sell for a smooth $8,500 (body-only, of course). But if you’ve ever been tempted by the bounties beyond 35mm and can’t quite afford to spend your house’s down payment, your most affordable option might be the $149 Wanderlust Travelwide. The... (more)

Urbex photog 2e sneaks around decrepit factories, captures excellent low-light images
Apr 22, 13:07 EDT There’s something about abandoned buildings that makes for haunting, otherworldly photographs. Maybe because we spend most our time in spaces that are maintained to at least some degree, neglected structures really are foreign. Instead of sitting at a laptop and poking out dime-store philosophy, urban explorer and photographer "2e" takes... (more)

Lytro takes light field photography to the next level with the Illum camera
Apr 22, 08:46 EDT When Lytro announced its first light field camera back in 2011, it set the photography world abuzz with its new technology that permitted a photographer to change the focus point of a photograph after it was taken. The excitement only lasted for a short while though, as the camera didn't really prove to be useful for general photography. Besides its unusually... (more)

Pentax Film Duplicator helps you scan 35mm and medium-format film quicker
Apr 21, 14:38 EDT Back at the CP+ tradeshow in Japan last February, Ricoh announced quite a range of new photo gear for its Pentax brand, but perhaps the most interesting for film photographers who haven't transitioned their old photos to digital was the Pentax Film Duplicator. Now, the company has provided a release date for this interesting accessory, and... (more)

Sony lens patent hints at bright future for upcoming RX-series camera
Apr 21, 13:26 EDT The Sony Cyber-shot RX100 and RX100 II have enjoyed wide praise for excellent image quality in a versatile, pocketable package, and 28-100mm f/1.8-4.9 lens certainly played a part. But there's no rest for Sony, as it looks like they're working on an even better lens. Egami dug up a pending patent on a new Sony lens design with a much... (more)

Enhance your Photoshop proficiency with these 9 quick workflow tips
Apr 21, 13:22 EDT Still learning the ropes in Photoshop? Learning how to juggle multiple layers is one of the biggest steps you can take to improve your workflow, and SLR Lounge is hosting a guest post from creativeLIVE with some tips to help you on your way. This guide is meant for new-ish users—the kinds of editors who have figured out the power of layers... (more)

Nikon P600 - 60x optical super-zoom hits our lab - First Shots posted
Apr 21, 12:14 EDT Nikon has been making super-zooms for some time now, with 42x as the go-to optical reach for their popular 500 series line over the past several years. This year, alongside the latest in that series, the Nikon P530, they've also released a whopper in the P600 which bypasses 50x and goes all the way to 60x! (That's a 1440mm eq. optical range... (more)

Eye-Fi puts your camera in the cloud with Android, iOS apps
Apr 21, 11:58 EDT Fed up of fiddling with flash cards or cables to get photos off your camera? Tried Wi-Fi, but still find it frustrating getting copies of your images onto all of your devices? Fear not, the folks at Eye-Fi have come to the rescue with new software for their Mobi card series, which aims to simplify the process still further. The new... (more)

Digital Rev TV uses $13,000 flash pack to freeze-frame water
Apr 21, 11:32 EDT The crew at Digital Rev TV is back with another chapter in the chronicles of a gear-nerd with unlimited access to the world’s most expensive photo equipment. Speed Shooter is a series at DRTV in which Kai and company use an absurdly expensive flash system to freeze-frame fast-moving objects in a burst sequence. In this most recent episode,... (more)

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