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Samsung NX500 Review
image of the Samsung NX500 digital camera
28.2mp | 3.1x | $800
The Samsung NX500 is a fun, great little camera with lots of the same horsepower and technology from the larger NX1. The high-res 28MP sensor and fast processor allow for very good, high-resolution images, good high ISO performance and crisp 4K video. Overall, the Samsung NX500, with its compact, lightweight design and solid build quality, stacks up to be not only a great mid-level camera for those stepping beyond the smartphone, but also a great secondary camera to enthusiasts looking for a lightweight companion to their NX1 or other larger system camera. Read more about this compact, lightweight, and high-resolution camera in our in-depth Samsung NX500 review!

Nikon D3300 Review
image of the Nikon D3300 digital camera
24.2mp | 3.1x | $474
The Nikon D3300 is a solid camera, in more ways than one: solid build quality and solid image quality. While autofocus performance is a little below average, and the limited external controls and smaller size may be a turn off for some, the Nikon D3300 excels in most areas. If you're ready to make the jump to a DSLR camera, the Nikon D3300 provides a nice starting point with a great combination of image quality, ease of use and price. Read more about this compact, lightweight, and high-resolution DSLR in our in-depth Nikon D3300 review!

Sony A7 II Review
image of the Sony Alpha ILCE-A7 II digital camera
24.3mp | 2.5x | $2,000
Sony has yet another winner on their hands with the A7 II. By addressing some of the design and ergonomic quirks of the original model, as well as providing a notable technological achievement with their 5-axis image stabilization -- and some subtle, yet worthwhile, performance enhancements -- the Sony A7 II is a more matured, more well-rounded camera and therefore an even more enticing option for those wanting full-frame image quality but not a full-frame DSLR-sized camera. Read more in our in-depth Sony A7 II review!

Nikon D810 Review
image of the Nikon D810 digital camera
36.3mp | $2,997
The 36-megapixel Nikon D810 has some pretty big shoes to fill, replacing the much-loved D800 and D800E with a single model. Taking the best of both, this detail-devouring beauty has even greater per-pixel resolution, a wider sensitivity range, greater performance, more capable video capture, and more -- but it also now has competition from rivals Canon and Sony. How does it fare in this new reality? Read our in-depth Nikon D810 review, and find out!

Panasonic GM5 Review
image of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM5 digital camera
16.0mp | 2.7x | $899
The Panasonic GM5 takes what was great about the GM1 and improves upon it immensely. While still keeping a lightweight and compact design -- that's practically pocketable even with the 12-32mm kit lens -- the Panasonic GM5 manages to includes a fully-functional, albeit small, electronic viewfinder. Creative lighting options are expanded by the addition of a hot-shoe and external flash support, plus, ergonomics and customization are subtly yet noticeably improved. The image quality remains unchanged and impressive, and performance is still excellent with slight improvements in some areas. Read our in-depth Panasonic GM5 review for all the details!

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Nikon D5500 Shooter's Report Part II: The best indoor sports camera for under $1000
Featured Story 05/29, 13:43 EDT For anyone reading this who's ever tried to capture quality sports images in a typical indoor gym, you already know it's a tricky proposition. You need fast shutter speeds to capture the action, and in lower light environments this often means you need to let the ISO climb fairly high for many shooting situations. You also need good... (more)

Olympus 8mm f/1.8 Pro Fisheye Lens Review: quirky, ultra-distorted lens gets 'Zuiko Pro' treatment
Featured Story 05/29, 13:42 EDT To some, a fisheye lens might seem like just a novelty lens, but it definitely has its time and place, especially for skateboarding, surfing, and other extreme action sports scenes as well as underwater photography. With the recently-announced Olympus 8mm f/1.8 Pro Fisheye lens, the Japanese camera company has given the "Zuiko Pro" treatment... (more)

Samsung NX500 Conclusion: Does the "smaller, lighter NX1" live up to its big brother's reputation?
Featured Story 05/28, 17:28 EDT After finalizing all our lab testing, image quality analysis and real-world Shooter's Report, we're ready to bring you the final conclusion to our Samsung NX500 review. The compact rangefinder-esque mirrorless camera comes as an update to the NX300, however, it has in fact more in common -- under the hood -- with the larger, beefier NX1... (more)

Resolution Wars Redux: Pentax K-3 II reignites the Pixel Shift high-res battle!
Featured Story 05/28, 15:55 EDT A few months ago, we took readers on an in-depth exploration of the multi-shot, high-resolution mode in the Olympus E-M5 II compact system camera, making comparisons to full-frame and even medium-format models. Now, we're pleased to be able to do the same for the Pentax K-3 II, the first mainstream DSLR to feature similar... (more)

Firmware Friday: Pentax K-3 LCD bug fixed; Nikon goes into overdrive with 9 firmware/software updates
05/29, 16:39 EDT Firmware Friday returns this week with a followup to an earlier update, as well as a whole raft of firmware and software released by Nikon. We'll get the ball rolling with the followup, though, which resolves an issue in an update we told you about last month. The version 1.20 update for Ricoh's Pentax K-3 DSLR shipped in late April,... (more)

AGUA, a storm-proof camera bag series from Miggo
05/29, 15:45 EDT There are a handful of ways to keep your camera dry in less than ideal circumstances. But few are as robust and portable as AGUA, a new series of camera bag from accessory manufacturer, Miggo. It’s a bit hard to pinpoint exactly what AGUA is; it can be a handheld bag, a should bag and even a sling bag. But if you look past the categorization semantics, AGUA is a... (more)

Canon patent shows off what could be the world's first image stabilized tilt-shift lens
05/29, 09:46 EDT A new patent from Canon, published yesterday, lays the groundwork for what would be the first tilt-shift lens to offer built-in image stabilization if produced. Discovered by Egami (translated), the patent was originally filed back in November of 2013. In its text and illustrations, the patent focuses on how image stabilization would be possible inside of a... (more)

Google's new Photos app offers unlimited storage – sort of
05/28, 14:30 EDT Just moments ago, on the stage at Google’s annual I/O conference, Google unveiled Google Photos, the long-anticipated separation of the company’s photo platform from its Google+ social network. Google Photos is an ambitious project from the search tech giant; an attempt to bring together all of your photographs in one place, whether you’ve captured them on your... (more)

Adobe teases new 'dehaze' feature, said to be 'coming soon to Lightroom CC'
05/28, 09:57 EDT Last October, Adobe teased a new ‘dehaze’ feature — then called ‘defog’ — at its annual Adobe MAX conference. Today, Adobe gives us a new, more thorough, look at the seemingly magical feature that removes (and adds) haze/fog to images. The new feature is said to be ‘coming soon to Lightroom CC,’ according to Adobe. The Dehaze tool will be inside Lightroom’s... (more)

Nikon L840 Image Gallery: See how far just a few hundred dollars can reach in the 855mm eq world
05/27, 15:58 EDT If you only have a few hundred dollars to spend, but want a lot of zoom range while still yielding reasonably good image quality, you'll want to take a look at our initial Nikon L840 image gallery. Perhaps you're tired of your smartphone lacking zoom range, or you need a capable zoom companion for the times you don't want to haul out your... (more)

Uptown photos for downtown weddings: Nikon and Joe McNally give New Yorkers free, world-class memories
05/27, 12:33 EDT Next to birth and death, few life events eclipse a wedding. It's no wonder that weddings are such a huge industry here in the US, or that people spend thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) of dollars to have them photographed. Life memories like these are truly priceless. But what if you can't afford to hire a high-end pro photographer to record your nuptials?... (more)

7 photography gadgets and accessories you can 3D print at home
05/27, 11:39 EDT 3D printers are getting more accurate and cost-efficient with each passing day. Even if you don’t have one of your own, there are a handful of companies you can send 3D files to and have printed for you. Just what exactly can a photographer do with a 3D printer, you ask? Well, your imagination is really the only limitation, but if you need some inspiration or... (more)

Samsung NX500 Image Quality Comparison: A lot of resolution packed into that lightweight camera
05/26, 12:26 EDT The compact, travel-friendly Samsung NX500 borrows a lot from the exterior design of its predecessor, the NX300, which is understandable. However, it borrows most of the guts from the larger, powerful NX1, which is quite remarkable. Inside this rather compact ILC body is the same 28.2-megapixel APS-C backside-illuminated CMOS sensor as found... (more)

This 365-Gigapixel image of Mont Blanc takes the crown as the world's largest photograph
05/26, 12:25 EDT When you photograph Mont Blanc, the tallest mountain in the Alps, it only makes sense if you do so by capturing the largest photograph in the world in the process. Filippo Blengini and his team made sure to do just that when they captured a whopping 365-gigapixel panorama of the tallest mountain peak in Europe (with the exception of the Caucasus mountain... (more)

Nikon Japan issues apology for Coolpix P900 production delays
05/25, 14:15 EDT Nikon’s Coolpix P900 is an impressive superzoom camera. With its 83x zoom capabilities, equal to roughly 2000mm on a full-frame sensor, it packs quite a punch in its considerably small frame. It appears though, that manufacturing the Coolpix P900 isn’t as efficient as it probably should be to keep up with demand. Almost immediately after its announcement date of... (more)

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